Monday, January 27, 2014

Big girl....

Wanted to write this for me later when the time finally comes to get Evie her big girl bed.  I would love to get her this bed from Land of Nod, it's the Jenny Lind bed

But it's a bit out of my price range....i like this headboard option as well the Princess Plume Headboard
It's really only a bit less.  Not sure I can do either but it's good to have ideas.  Maybe I can find something similar off craigslist and update it.  The bright pops of color just totally scream Evie's personality.  Pretty sure she's going to be the biggest handful of the three.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Just got back from a short run in my new capris.  They are comfy and bright and I love them.  They're Relay Capris from Athleta.  The small fits me perfectly and aren't too short on my long legs.  They also have them in a brighter purple and pink.  I must get them!

Evie's preschool pics

They turned out so great.  I love them!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 USMC Ball

2013-2014 school pics

Girls got their school pics back. I love them both!
Ryelie-7th grade

Evie will be getting school pics done as well through her Mommy & Me class.  So excited.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eric on Check-In Day

Most Handsome Gunnery Sergeant Around


Evie loves our neighbors power wheel.  Eric is determined to get her one now.

Ball dress I found on sale.  First ball in a long time.  It's gonna be a bit early this year.

Hanging out front with the neighbors

Cool house warming gift I got from my friend.  Now I just have to get all our other duty stations.
At the laundromat
playing at the park
was so excited to have wifi after a week without

This kid loves the pool and has the tan to prove it

Eric's Projects

Front of the house

My Gnomey

Let's hope I don't kill all the flowers
Firepit in Back

Pallet Coffee Table

First Day of School

The school the girls are going to is great.  Right on base, a 5 minute walk from the house.  They both seem to like their teachers.  Jo has had a bit of a rough time adjusting to the move all together.  So add on top going to school all day and we have some rough mornings.  But she's always happy and had a good day when I pick her up, so I'm hoping it will fade.  We read The Kissing Hand (a book Grandma sent to Ryelie before Kindergarten) tonight and she seems to really be liking the idea.  So hopefully that will help from now on.

Washington and Cali with Family

Rye got her hair done for her birthday

Gift from Dad and Mom

12 years old!

The Sisters-My moms neighbor took some Singer family photos for us

Papa has swung each of my girls like this

Eve chomping down on dinner at Beth's house