Friday, August 26, 2011

New Belly Pics

OH MY GOSH! I knew I was bigger, but I didn't realize how much bigger. SHEESH!
28 weeks w/ Joey
28 weeks w/ Evie
32 weeks w/ Joey
32 weeks w/ Evie

More Crafts

More crafts to share...first are the knit/crochets crafts i made. A headband (i'm making these in a few colors, and planning to pass a few along to Eric's co-worker who is due right before me), a knit twist hat and a little blanket friend for Evie. Going to make one for each of the girls as well. They're very excited.

Next, I saw a blog post about puff painting onesies and was inspired. Mine are not near as awesome as the post I saw but I like how most of them turned out. All of them have a little butt design on the back as well. In the first photo is the first of a set of legwarmers I'm making for her to wear with all her neon onesies. Hoping to make a hat as well.

Two more sheets done. I have red and orange left, just waiting on the sheets a friend is sending it to me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3D Pic

Had an ultrasound recently. My next one will be at the end of September. Everything looks good and they're aren't anticipating any problems with our new addition. We have decided on the name Evelynn Frances. We will call her Evie (pronounced ee-vee). The girls and I already call her Evie and Eric actually called her by name the other day. We were able to get a 3D pic of Evie at my last u/s. I have been trying to work up the courage over the last 3 ultrasounds to ask for one, since the machine is capable. The lady was very nice about it. I'm glad I waited so long...she was definitely more baby looking than alien. Haha. The u/s tech said she has a very healthy heart and she looks great. We almost didn't get the 3D because she was cuddling her umbilical cord in front of her face. But she decided to move it for us for just a second for the picture, before moving it right back in front of her. I'm hoping we'll get as lucky at the next ultrasound. So without further ado, here she is, Evelynn Frances
I'm adding this regular u/s picture because I found out something very interesting at the previous appointment to this one. Sometimes in the eye sockets you see a circular object, it's the lens of the baby's eyeball. I'd never noticed the circle before the doc pointed it out and he had just learned about it the day before. I now look for it at every u/s.

Rye's Braces!

So at Rye's last visit we were told her cross bite had been corrected. On to phase 2. Braces! Not sure how long she'll have them but she was very excited to get them on. THey're aren't the big time braces. Just 6 brackets on the top to straighten out her front teeth. It's more for self esteem purposes. Can't wait to see how it goes.



Been very crafty lately. To start I'll share my tie dye sheets. I wanted really bright sheets in rainbow colors for Evie's crib but you can't find them any where. So I decided to make them myself. Here are the first 3 that I did. I've had one flub with the green one, I bought the wrong dye color. I"ll be doing a couple more shirts this week, I'm excited. I really like doing them.

I helped a friend paint letters and a trash can to compliment the new pirate bedding she got for his room. I drew out the designs on the letters and we both painted those and then I did the trash can all by myself. They're all close up scenes from the blanket. I thought they turned out really well.

Some knitting projects I've completed. I have many more in the stash and some others I haven't photographed yet.
A circular blanket, I have a matching hat but don't have a decent picture of it yet. I got the pattern out of a book my MIL got me as a birthday gift. There are so many things I want to make in there.
A cloud & rainbow hat I made for Evie. I had made a bigger one and gave it to my neighbor for her new granddaughter as well. I don't think I put a pom on hers. This was the first pom I made and I liked the way it came out.
A hat I made for my niece Grace. I hope she gets to use it in San Diego.

So that's all the crafty for now. I am starting a new project, I'm going to puff paint some onesies for Evie. If they turn out alright I might do a shirt or two for the big girls, if they want them. I'll share pics later. And I have lots of knitting projects in the works and I'll try and take photos as I complete them.