Friday, February 29, 2008

4 Months Already?

3 Months 4 Months
K, im not seeing much of a change this month, but I wanted to share anyway. Toodles.

Thursday, February 28, 2008




Just wanted to share how HOT I'm looking just 4 months after giving birth. Hahahah! Yeah right. I just liked my outfit. My shorts remind me of the ones I used to get from the Goodwill when I was in high school. Old man shorts.
Then I thought I'd show what a difference 7 months makes when it comes to my hair. It has grown out so much. Can't wait to see how long it is by the time Eric gets home.

July 07February 08
I guess you can't really see the length of my hair all that well in that pic so I'll add my profile pic below, it'll be better for that. I just liked how the background of the one above is all blurry.

I just realized something else...I like to tilt my head in pictures. WEIRD!


Showing off her own pair of BabyLegs, she wants the flame ones too. Just like Daddy.
Jes...she's a diva and she loves big earrings, just like Mommy!
She's very proud of her first piece of birthstone jewelry (the necklace, it's her Guardian Angel)
She looked so stylish that day, had to commemorate it.

Lil' Joey Jo

Took these first two with my cell. She looks like such a big girl in these. I love how her hands are folded in the second one.
If you click on this picture you can see the spit all over her face from the endless raspberries that she blows. I am constantly wiping her mouth. So funny.

JoJo and her Woobee
Smiling pretty
She found her feet. They're all she plays with now. She also ruined that outfit while I was snapping pictures, pooped all up the back of it. It was brand new too. *sniff sniff* You know my obsession with clovers.
" Uh, I am not understanding the directions you are giving me...."
I love footy pajamas!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a Day...

Well, I knew this morning was going to be busy but I had no idea what we were in store for. After I got Rye off to school I fed Jo and we went to the bank. I paid of the Nissan!! Woot Woot! After that we ran into Kailua to get a breakfast bagel and a decaf coffee. That took longer than I thought. I then had to go back to base and pick up Rye for her dentist appointment, we headed back into Kailua. This is where it gets interesting. First the dentist told me that since rye's 6 year molars had come in that they should be sealed to help keep them from getting cavities. So we added that onto the visit today. Rye wasn't prepared for this so she got a little dramatic. But we got through it and it was fine. The dentist had then asked if I had any concerns and I mentioned the tooth that fell out when she was 2 and asked if they could check to make sure the adult tooth behind it was doing okay. So she took a second xray and guess what she found? AN EXTRA TOOTH! Rye has a little tooth up there which will block her adult teeth from growing in. So I have now had to make a consultation appointment with an oral surgeon for the day we fly out to Washington. They will have to remove it surgically and then her top teeth should come in fine, though one of them is crooked. After she gets this procedure done I was told that she needs to go and see an Orthodontist. She's got a major crossbite and her bottom teeth are way crowded. UGH! And so it begins...
Then to top it all off, when we were driving back to base to take her back to school she threw up all over herself. So, she's home now, resting and watching TV. What a day. These next few weeks before heading to Washington should go by fast for us. Jo has her 4 month check up, I have a dentist appointment and Rye's got her consult. My oh My!
sidenote: the spell check isn't working on here, hasn't been forever and I don't want to read over this again so there may be some mistakes. Sorry, Beth.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prayer Request

Okay, I know I put up a ton of stuff today...just a quick prayer request. The list came out for promotions for Eric's MOS. He is right out of the zone, by less than 60 days. Next month a new list will be coming out and the dates may change. Please say a prayer that the dates will shift just a bit to include Eric in there so he can pick up Gunny. He so good at his job and he deserves this. Thanks a bunch.

Thru a Childs Eyes...

I know that Joey's eyes will prolly change soon (you can actually see it a little in the picture). But I love that for now the girls have different color eyes. I think one of the best things about being pregnant was wondering what this child would look like. How different from or alike would they be with Rye? To be honest, I wouldn't want my kids to look the same, where's the fun in that? Hehe. I'm sure every mother thinks this, but I wonder how my children see's something I think about quite often. I want to be a good mother to them. I know I fall short of that more aften than not, but I hope that one day they'll look back on their childhood with fondness. With thoughts of the fun, good times (not the ones when I'm a crabby b!tch to them). I need to think of how I want to be remembered when I deal with them....God Help Me!

More legs

So I got my BabyHawk in the mail. I don't have pictures of it yet but it is awesome. I LOVE IT! With my order I also got another pair of baby legs. They're called Jolly Jills and they've got lil skulls all over them. They're aborable. Here are a few pics. When I get some of the babyhawk, I'll share. It's the most comfortable baby carrier, EVER!This is her after she decided to shimmy down a little.Rye wanted to share the spot light a little so, of course I obliged.
This pic I just had to share cuz I think Joey's face is just too funny.
update: Here is the baby hawk.

Happy Belated Love Day

I know I'm late but that was a busy day. It was a very good day. I got to talk to Eric which of course made it PERFECT! Jo and I went to Rye's class for a party and got so see Rye's valentine, that's right she had a valentine. His name is Breckin and he's too cute. While everyone else in the class got the store bought fold over valentines Rye got a box of chocolates and some earrings. I think this boy is smitten.

Later that night we got a special delivery from Eric. I got some tulips, Rye gotmore chocolate and Jo got a cuddly bear.It was so thoughtful of Eric and it made us all feel so special. I alsmost started crying when I read the card that came with them. I knew he had that sweet sappy side to him.
While Rye was at school Jo and I had our won lil picture love fest here. She wore this adorable onesie for her valentine.

So that's how our day went. It was fun. We all wish Daddy BIG HUGS AND BIG LOVE!

yakity yak

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Josefine loves to talk and talk and talk. It's so cute.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Pictures

A pic we took for Daddy
Joey & Me, in my new glassesI love her grin in this picture
Bathtime in the kitchen sink, pictures courtesy of Rye

Flat Stanley

My niece, Sierra, and her class read the book Flat Stanley this year. They're now sending out Flat Stanleys to people they know. When you get Stanley you take pictures of him where he's visiting and send them and a letter back to the class. Jo and I took Stanley to the beach today and he also took a ride on our windy twirly thing (as he was too small to play at the park.) Here are the pics we're sending with Stanley back to Sierras class.


So, yesterday I took a break from cleaning. I watched a couple of movies, went grocery shopping and wrote a letter for Eric. I was back to it today. I went through and got rid of/organzied my clothes. Got all my maternity clothes packed away. My room is arranged back to the way it was before Jo came. I've started moving some of my books from the closet to the shelves in my room (I love having books nearby.) Took Stanley to the beach (post to follow.) Put the books I no longer want/read onto paperback swap. I also got Eric's box together to send out tomorrow. Add to all that the fact that I had to straighten up the living room and dining room again and do dishes and laundry, I'd say I've had a pretty stellar day in the cleaning department.

Monday, February 11, 2008


So update on the Spring cleaning. Yesterday I didn't do much but I got the big job I wanted to accomplish done. I got all the kids DVDs into a book. Whew. I also did some laundry and the dishes. I also went to Walmart and got some stuff out of the way.
So far today I went through Jo's clothes and packed away the "too small" stuff. I vaccumed the living areas and did the dishes. I have some laundry going. I got some stuff put into my car (baby mirror, some sun shades.) The only other major type thing I have left to do is clean off the front porch. I will do that next.
Tomorrow I will start on my room...rearranging, going through clothes, putting the pack n play away. I might try and hit the bathrooms tomorrow too. Some where in there I have to get some stuff from the commissary and get to the post office to send a box to Eric.
So that's it for today. I might upload some pics later today. I got my new glasses so I'll show them off.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Here's a pic of Jo and her new buddy, Frogger. Frogger is a new addition to the family. He came into our house as a chew/cuddle toy for the baby and he's being throuoghly enjoyed. Frogger can also be seen in the latest "screeching" video.

She's so close...

She wants so badly to roll over. She's getting closer and closer.


Imitation is supposed to be the best form of flattery, yeah? Not so much when it's your 6 year old having to imitate everything your 3 month old is doing! We all know Rye is big on pretending but we're definitely having to reign it in when it comes to Joey. She's getting over it slowly but every once in a while it creeps back up.

Better Video

Here's a better video of the screeching thing. Picture her doing this into my shoulder while contracting her whole body. It is too funny. You might have to turn it up to hear her.

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