Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I just wanted to share some pictures of Jojo looking absurdly old for her 21 months of age. Is that how you say that? Beth, let me know. ;) She's getting so big lately. Talking so much more and picking up more mannerisms. It's totally crazy. She has now started asking if the diaper I hand her, to put in the trash, is 'pee'. Rye always asks when I hand her one, now Jo does too. Those two have been bonding more. Right now, if one of them gets in trouble or is crying, the other goes and gives hugs and makes sure the other is okay. I swatted Jo's hand at the table yesterday after she spit on the table and immediately her eyes welled and she turned to Rye and said, "Wy-dee", wanting comfort from her big sister. It's very sweet but also can be frustrating when y ou feel like you're the bad guy. Anyway. Enjoy the pics. I'll put more up later.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

I am babysitting a 4 month old during the day for the next couple of weeks.  Helping out some friends.  I think this is a good thing.  It's going to help me make that big decision.  Do we want another baby?  I am still back and forth over this dilemma.  I think watching Paige will help me figure it out.  Though watching someone else's baby with the energy that comes from working out and watching your own while you're sleep deprived and drained are pretty different.  Hmm...I hadn't thought about that until just now.
In any case, I have to get up at 530, so I'm awake enough to meet Paige and her Dad at the door at 545.  I think this is good.  Hopefully, even after I'm done, I can keep up the getting up early and do my work outs and shower before the girls even get up.  That way I have the morning to clean instead of work out.  It's all about the routine.
So, I should go.  Watch the kiddos and so forth.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Hottie

Just wanted to share these two pictures of Eric over in Afghanistan. I love that man's smile. I miss it so much. I can't wait for him to get home to us.
C. Mena & Eric

McVay, Eric & Mena

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smokin' Hot Blog

Hey everyone, all you challengers!  We've created a blog just for the Smokin' Hot Challenge.  We'll be posting regularly.  Feel free to come by and leave a comment.  If you'd like to get in on the action let us know and we can set you up to leave posts on there as well.  The more the merrier.  Here is the link: Smokin' Hot Challenge
Come join us!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is why I love and miss Washington....

You may not get the perfect weather for moments like this very often...but when you do, it's SO worth it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

SHC-Week 1

Well, week one was quite success full.  When you factor in that I was going from no routine at all.  I did factor in a couple more rest days than the p90x plan called for but I do feel is was for the best.  I don't want to over do it and end up hurting myself.  I plan on getting as much in as I can over this next week.  I might skip the 'rest' day the plan has laid out and start back in to get on track.  We'll see how I'm feeling.  I did the Leg & Back routine today, along with Ab Ripper X.  I got farther in the Ab video with I'm proud of.  That thing kicked my butt, well, my abs. ;)  I only did the L&B for one set.  I'm going to try and get through both sets this coming week.  I'll probably have to cut back on the reps per set but I am improving and that's what matters.  My attitude has been much better these last few days and I am cutting down from 1 20 oz. Dew to 1 12 oz. can.  We'll see how that goes.  My water intake has been going well.  My eating habits are still pretty much crap but I'm thinking about working on it.  Hehe.  I will try and cut back on the eating out this next pay period.
I have my celeb inspirations picked out: Elle Macpherson, Jenny McCarthy & Charlize Theron (good call Layla, she was on my list but I couldn't find any good pics of her).  Just a little something to aspire too.
Well, I think that's it for now.  Say a prayer for us here in the Aloha State.  We have a hurricane headed for us.  It's supposed to hit in the next couple of days.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Magical Find

All of you know that I have a bit of an artsy side.  I love to doodle and draw, even though I don't think I'm that great at it.  But I can definitely appreciate other people's talent...
I've been browsing around the internet looking for drawings that depict the books I love.  I have stumbled upon 4 artists that are beyond AMAZING!  I have added their blogs to my list.  To have the amount of talent they must possess would astound me!  It's insane.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed.
Sarah Mensinga @ Sarah's Sketches
Michelle Gorski @ Mish's Blogtastic Blog 
Bill Presing @ Daily Peril
I'm actually trying to order some Christmas cards form Brittney, can't beat a Christmas Mermaid when you're living in Hawaii!

SHC-Day 6

Okay, I might have to stop putting numbers on these things.  It's taking me 20 minutes to figureout if I have the right number on here.  Hehe.
I took a break yesterday, I didn't need it...physically or mentally.  But it's Yoga X and your supposed to be in a calm environment.  I didn't get to it in the morning before the girls got up (Rye had no school!  Not even a full week of school and they already have a day off.  Then they have another Friday off in a couple of weeks.  Ridiculous!  Another post...) and as I stated in a previous post, I don't do well with exercising at night.  So I did it today while Rye was out playing and Jo was napping.  I could only make it through the first half hour.  I have never claimed to be flexible but ye-ouch.  The video is an hour and a half long.  I will definitely try and push myself farther every time.  I have learned that I like the weight lifing side of workout more than the stretchy side.  I have Legs & Back tomorrow, then one called Kenpo X, which I think is like kick-boxingy stuff.  I am looking forward to that.  I loved Billy Blanks Tae Bo.
Heather encouraged me to take my measurement to go along with my before pictures I took.  I had totally forgotten about those.  So I took them today.  I had a section in my p90x book for them...I added one measurement (my love handle area, haha) and measure my thighs in a different area than they suggested.  I measured them higher, around my "trouble area".
So, where as, I won't show you my before picture I will write down my measurements.

Before Measurements
CHEST: 33.5"
WAIST: 28"
HIPS: 37.75"
RT THIGH: 21.25"   
LFT THIGH: 20.75"
RT ARM: 10.5"
LFT ARM: 10.75"

THIGHS:  It said to measure mid thigh, but I did mine higher, where it gets bad. :(
ARMS:  It says to measure while your arm is flexed.  Measure at the peak of your bicep.

Okay, onto other stuff.  I am having a can of Mt. Dew.  It's now 2 pm.  I have found that I can go until late afternoon without having one, having water instead.  I feel better that way.  I am going to try and only have this one can, but I won't get mad at myself if I break down and have one more.  It is my birthday after all.
Tonight Rye will be at her friends house.  I plan on spending the night of my 31st year having a drink and either catching up on DVR'd Tv or playing Pastry Passion.
Oh yeah, I did find my Celebrity Inspiration.  I have two.  The first is Elle Macpherson.  Here's a picture.

And before you say anything (as Heather and Beth did) I do not already look like this.  Clothing hides a lot my friends.  But hopefully I'll look closer to this in 90 days. ;)
The second one is Jenny McCarthy, here she is.

I'm not sure that she's as close to my body type as Elle is.  You can see that Elle has a thicker trunk.  I am very wide from the front of my rib cage to my spine.
I just thought I'd share.

Favorite Shots!

Just thought I'd post some of my favorite pics from the WA trip...because if I loaded them all, I might break blogger. Enjoy

Happy Birthday...

to this pretty lady! Hahahaha!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Today is a good day!
I started back on my workouts today.  I'm so glad I took yesterday off.  I did Shoulders & Arms today, along with the Ab Ripper X.  Good times.  Again, I only did half workouts for A&S but I tried to do as much of the Ab Ripper as I could.  I got way farther than last time so I'm sure I'll be feeling it much more than last time.  But I'm okay with that.  I can feel some changes already.  Not really physically but mentally.  I can tell I'm talking with more confidence.  I'm paying way more attention to my posture.  I'm am feeling very good today.  I think my PMS moodiness has passed for this month.  
I've been drinking more water, especially at night instead of snacking.  I only had 1 Andes Mint Parfait last night.  Big ups to Kim! ;)  I have finished my Mt. Dew for the day.  I am down to 1 a day now.  Yay!  Keeping at it, maybe one day I'll be Dew Free.
I am thinking of taking small jogs at night, but they tend to wake me up...what do you think?
Also, Mary gave me the idea of finding a celebrity body that inspires me.  Finding someone who has a similar frame to you is hard...but I am working on finding one.  Now, I know that I might never get to a stars body, I mean, they have personal trainers and can work out hours on end.   But I think it's nice to be able to have something to aspire too.  Something healthy.  I'll let you know if I come up with someone, I have a few in mind right now.
Tip for the Day:  Don't forget to breathe.  Not only while you're working out (though that's very very important) but in your day to day stuff as well.  Try not to stress about the little things.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SHC-Day 3

So I took a break today. Not with the eating part, I've actually been doing really well with that today.  Lots of small snacks and not over emotional eating.  It's 1445 and I've only had half a Mt. Dew so far.  I am very proud of myself.
I decided to take a break from the physical part today because I am sore everywhere.  I know this is an extreme workout regimen but I still have to physically be able to care for my children and my home.  So I took a break today and I'll start where I left off tomorrow.  I think my body needs the rest.  I will probably take a long walk to the park today so I get some sort of exercise in.  
I had started my video after dropping Rye off at school, but then a friend stopped by and we talked for a bit.  After she left I started the video back up and I realized the band I have were too much resistance.  I wouldn't be able to do the workout.  I went and got some dumbbells at the MCX, a good starting weight for me and I'll go up from there.  Tomorrow. 
So, that's it for me today.  I am feeling much better emotionally today.  My Evening Primrose Oil has been helping me a lot.  I feel almost normal.    

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I am feeling weak today.  Not just physically, but emotionally.  I think it's all stemming from that blessed time of month we women endure.  I feel fat and bloated.  I feel like nothing I'm doing will make a difference.  I'm at my wits end with my chicas today.  I know it's all from PMS, but even knowing that's what it's from, does nothing to help the feelings abate.
I'm just feeling low right now.  It's just started in the last hour or so.  I've felt the tension with the girls building throughout the day but the rest just kind of hit me.  It shouldn't surprise me, it happens every month...but I never seem to expect it.
I hate that I'm taking it out on Rye and Jo, especially Rye.  I HATE IT!

SHC-Day 2

So, yesterday after I worked out, as my muscles tightened up a bit, I started noticing my posture more.  I've always had bad posture and have always wanted to better it.  I think these workout might help me in that department.  I'm trying to keep more aware of it.  It's hard though.
I haven't done my workout yet today.  It's lower body, called Plyometrics.  I'm going to get it in when Joe is napping.  
I have to say, I am so glad that I only did half the workout yesterday.  I am way sore today but not enough that I can't function.  As I have some cleaning to do today I'm glad.  I don't feel my abs at all though, so I'm thinking I should have pushed that a little more.  I think I have abs again tomorrow, so I'll tray and hit that a little harder.  I think this first week I'll be doing half workouts.  Then I'll try and go full next week.
Food wise, I didn't do horrible, but I wasn't stellar either.  I had a ding dong last night.  I could say that I ate it before remembering that I wasn't supposed to be snacking but that's a lie.  I ate it anyway.  I'll try and be better tonight.  I did decently with the Mt. Dew.  I had 1 1/2.  I stopped myself halfway through the second one when my headache had receded.  Today I am planning on drinking half of my one earlier in the day and the other half later.  Hopefully that will keep me to one today.  I did stick to smaller meals/snacks though.
Update:  I did some of my workout today.  Not even close to the whole thing.  I didn't realize my legs had gotten so weak.  I'm going to have to take a walk to jog tonight to make up for how little I did today.  Yet my legs still have that wobbly feeling.  I am definitely not a exercise in the afternoon kind of person.  I need to get it done in the morning.  I need to remember that.

Monday, August 03, 2009

SHC-Day 1

Okay, I didn't get up early like I had planned to workout.  I'm hoping once I start sleeping better I'll be able to get up in the morning.  I forced myself to do my workout after Rye went to school.  It took everything I had to do it.  BUT I DID IT!!  My Chest & Back workout video includes 2 reps, but I could only manage 1.  I know I'll get better as I progress through the program.  I'm already having a hard time lifting my full water bottle so I know my muscles got a workout today.  the second part of the schedule today was the Ab Ripper X.  I could only get through the 1st 4 exercises.  I am not discouraged though.  I WILL GET BETTER!
I did decide to make another change in the diet area besides the no snacking after 7pm.  I want to try and cut back on the Mt. Dew.  I will not say get off of it, not yet...but that will be my ultimate goal.  Right now I'd like to get down to one 20 oz. a day.  And I'd also like to start drinking more water.  
P90X TIP OF THE DAY:  You should be eating every few hours while you're awake, favoring small meals & snacks. 

Smokin' Hot Challenge

For the next three months my sisters, my best friend and I have decided to challenge ourselves to become SMOKIN' HOT!    We'll be posting weekly (Sundays or Mondays) to share our weeks progress.  Wether it be a new healthy recipe we liked, how many pound/inches we've lost, struggles we've faced, changes we've been noticing.  I challenge all my friends and family to join in.  I haven't been feeling great lately...not liking my body, having little energy, not sleeping well.  I want to change that.  Eric and I are trying to plan a romantic weekend when he gets home and I want to look and feel my best for him and for me.  
My sister Heather has added a Mr. Linky something or other to her blog that can help us all stay in touch with each other through this challenge.  If this is something you've been meaning to get around to, join us and get the support that is so helpful to have.
For myself I have gotten the exercise series P90X and plan on using that through out the challenge.  I probably won't be sticking to the meal plan too much.  I don't know that I want to lose any weight, I just want to tone up and gain some muscle.  So the only change to my diet, at first, will be not snacking after 7pm.  I know that once I start working out I tend to start eating healthier as a if that happens, that's cool but I'm not going to be strict about it.
I have taken my before shot.  But I won't be posting that puppy until i have something to compare it to.  Hehe.  

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Is she not the cutest, messiest little girl you've seen in all your life?!  I know.  No need to answer.  Joey has the funniest, sweetest personality.  Her attitude is starting to poke through a little bit but we'll deal with that.  She is always laughing and testing her limits.  I am having such a fun time with her right now....except when her and Rye start yelling & picking at each other.  Jo loves to 'eric-tate' Rye.  It is her favorite past time.
Here are some similar shots from Washington. Josie loves her ice cream. She hears the word and it's GAME ON!

Here are some pictures from Rye's actual birthday.  Mary went and got her a special cake and everything.  Rye felt very special.  I can't believe that my 1st baby is 8 years old.  It's gone by so fast but at the same time I feel like she's been with us FOREVER!  I love my Rye and I can't wait to see what life has in store for her.

Here are two pictures from when Rye received her BIG surprise birthday/christmas gift from Aunt Michelle & Uncle Greg. She's been wanting this American Girl doll for a while now and she has not been without it (when she can help it) since she got her.