Monday, November 02, 2009

Birthday Cake

The Cake
I do what now?
Make a wish!
Immediately wanting to play with the toys.  Our friends, Malinda, Chucky & Austin
Icing on the elbow, due to reaching for Toodee
It tastes way better than she's making it look
Gotta play before I eat
Feed me Daddy!
I'm 2!
Singing "Happy to you" to her friends
Jo has really come alive since Eric has gotten home.  She has become quite the crazy one.  She's so funny, goofy and silly.  She's putting together a lot more words too.  Some of her favorite phrases are: move dad, my spot, my turn, my toy, tummy hurt, leg hurt, no like it, no wanna.
She usually pulls out the 'leg hurt, tummy hurt' when she doesn't want to walk or throw something in the garbage.  It's only slightly amusing.
Some of the things she says really amaze me, but to be honest I can't think of any of them right now.  I'll try and be better about writing them down before I forget them. 

Halloweeny 2009

This year we had Yo Gabba Gabba's DJ Joey Rock and a 50s Hop Diva. This girls had fun and we only had to venture down 2 streets before they were ready to come home. Gotta love that. It was so nice having Eric home with us for the fun.

Jazzy Jasper!

This here puppy, named Jasper, will become the newest member of our family later this month. He's come over to visit twice and is much loved already. We can't wait for him to be with us full time.

Random Dad Time!