Saturday, December 04, 2010

Winter Pics

Two pics from December, so far. :) This first one is of the girls in front of our Christmas tree. They've been really good this year and are so looking forward to Christmas morning.
We took the girls to the Bass Pro Shop today and they made a snowman sun catcher and got their picture taken with Santa. The Santa was amazing and so sweet. Both girls were a little uncomfortable but luckily we got Jo to take a picture (with promises of a candy cane afterward). The only downside...she told Santa a totally different toy that she wanted. Different than the one she's been telling me she was going to ask him for these past few weeks.Oh well. We'll figure something out. Rye didn't really want her picture taken and asked if this could be her last year. *sniff sniff* She's been questioning Santa's validity as well this year. My girl is growing up. Can't she stay a kid just a little bit longer? That's my Christmas wish!

Family Pics

Just took a few pics on Thanksgiving before going over to a friend's for dinner. It was a good night over all and we really are blessed with all the friends we've made through the military over the years.

Stepping Stones

I know it's been a while since I've posted on here. So I have a bit of catching up to do. We made some stepping stones last weekend. It was a two day process but it was really fun. I've had these kits for a couple of years now. Ha! I'm such a procrastinator. But here's how they turned out.
Rye making her hand print.
Jo wasn't too sure about the what was left on her hand.
The Family Stone
Rye's Stone
Joey's Stone
We have one more small turtle left. We'll probably use it for Jasper after we get his hair cut and nails trimmed.