Sunday, May 08, 2011

Rye's Art

A mixed media piece that Rye made in her art class at school was chosen to go on display at a local mall with some from other kids from other schools. She was very proud and we're proud of her. Today we went to said mall to check out the piece.
Here is Rye with her artwork.

Here is a close up of Rye's artwork titled, "Bubblehead"

Eric's newest hobby

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Birthday Wish

I have really been getting into my knitting and such lately. I have made some coffee cuffs, 2 head wrap/bands, a long yoga sock (finishing the pair) and I'm working on my first circular knitting project. So I just wanted to share my birthday wish on here. I would really love this set of circular knitting needles.

It's my plan to get them for my birthday, whether Eric gets them for me or I used birthday money or what not. I'd also love the set of the 10" straight needles in the same wood. They're so smooth and pretty. I don't usually have much of a wish list for holidays, but these....definitely on the top!