Thursday, May 29, 2008

Swing Away...

Took some pics of the little one in her new swing. We hung it off of the clothes line bar. Jo loves it. She laughs and smiles and she loves the fresh air. Just wanted to share the fun.

Surgery Update

So the surgery is over. Rye did remarkable well. She was very frightened before hand but she took it like a champ. I on the other hand....almost started crying when I went into the waiting room. When I went in afterward (only 20 minutes later) my poor baby looked so out of it. She couldn't even talk. I was sitting beside her talking to her telling her how good she did when I started feeling light headed. I could feel the tell tale signs of a black out coming so I put my head between my knees. I ended up laying in the chair with Rye. I know I upset her, she kept saying, "I don't want my Mommy to die. I want to go home, Mommy." I felt so ashamed of myself. I couldn't even be strong for my little girl. Ugh! They ended up giving her a shot for nausea and she's been sleeping since. We've got lots of cold stuff on hand when she wakes up. I am so proud of her. I have a whole new respect for parents of ill children...just this little taste of seeing my baby feeling poorly and I was a basket case. God bless those strong people.

Oh My Goodness...

My baby is one ca-utie patootie!!
Here are some pics taken of her over the last few days. She's tried Cheerios a few times, lets just say that we're still working on it. Hehe! She's getting so expressive, it's hilarious. I also caught her in this interesting sleeping position. She tends to do this alot, she's got a thing with sticking her legs out of the crib. I also have some great ones of her in her new swing, I'll post them later as I have to take Rye to her appointment right now. *sigh* I'm not really looking forward to this....


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pray Pray Pray

Rye is getting her extra tooth removed tomorrow. I'm way nervous and so is she. I try not to show it...not sure how successful I am at it. Her surgery will be at 1030 am tomorrow so if you could say a little prayer for us, we'd really appreciate. Maybe pray for a speedy, well done surgery, a quick & easy recovery and maybe a little peace of mind through the whole process. Thank you in advance. I'll be uploading pics tomorrow, I've got quite a few saved up.
I'm off to finish rearranging and cleaning out Rye's room. She just got an early birthday present, BUNK BEDS! W0ot!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The art of the Sit

Sitting, fallen over, rolling to her belly, screaming at me and sitting again. She's getting better at it, really she is...

Rye is all the Rage...

Just a bunch of shots of Rye. She needs her camera time too, you know. I love her in the hat.


JojoBean has become quite the mover. She'll start out on the blanket and next thing you know she's all the way across the room. She's not crawling yet, she is doing the rocking on the arms and I think we're close. She mostly just rolls around to where she wants. She is quite the character and loves when you peek around to make eye contact with her.

Crib Play

I went in to get Jo up the other day and found her pulling down the bumper at the end of her crib. There is a mobile/lamp that sits down there and she was very interested in it. I thought it was so cute I had to get some pics. She would lose her grip but she'd just keep grabbing at it until she was able to move it and look at the lamp again. She's quite persistent.


Jo and I like to go on walks, doesn't matter where to, we just go. She always ends up all lounged out in the stroller. She just sits in there and relaxes and chats with her toys...

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I got the girls pictures done today. I'm going to post them up here and let me know which poses you want and what sizes.
First Ryelie

Next Joey

Both of the pretty girls

All in all it was a good day. Both the girls did very well and were very patient. It was a little hard to get Jo to smile but it was all new for her. So get me your orders and I'll do what I can to get them out to you. Love to you all.
ps..Babe-let me know which on you like best and i'll send them out to you asap with ur money this month, also let me know how much moola you need to payback ur stuff and so forth. we love you and miss you mucho! Rye love love loved her letter. She was carrying it around with her all morning and she colored the picture you drew. Oh, and I'm trying to figure out how to watch the video. I might have to try and find someone with a video camera.