Monday, August 30, 2010

Here I Am

Lots has happened since my last post. We packed up and left our home in Hawaii. We stayed a month in Pennsylvania with family. We had lots of fun there. We always enjoy our time there. And now we're pretty much settled in our new house in Virginia. We've actually painted and are trying to make this at least feel like a more permanent home. We're tired of always feeling while we're just "staying" some place. I'll take some pictures and post them for those that don't have access to Facebook. I have to admit, it's look pretty darn good.
Rye had her 9th birthday and will be starting the 4th grade in a little over a week. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around that little tidbit. She is growing out of all her clothes and we'll soon have to go on a major shopping excursion to beef up her essentials.
Joey in the midst of her extremely terrible twos. Her attitude leaves something to be desired. It's something we're constantly working. My favorite mantra with her right now...'this too shall pass'. I just really hope it passes quickly. She'll be 3 in only 2 months. I swear she was just born. I get choked up every time I start to think about it. It's doubly weird now that we're back where we 'made' her. Hehe.
Eric is back at work. He'll be something new and I think that's always good. He's been home a lot more than he was in Hawaii. It's taking some getting used to but we're enjoying the family time.
I too have found a part time job. It's right here on base. I'll be working at the ITT office (Information, Tickets & Tours). I won't be working in the office but in the rec type cyber center they have set up for single service members. The use the computers and watch movies and do events. Stuff like that. Just a way to get out of the house and get my foot into the 'work force' again. We'll see how it works out. Still not totally sure about the 'third kid' situation so this will be a test in a way...I guess....
Anyway, I need to run to the library to return some books. I'll take and post some house pictures when I return.