Friday, July 20, 2007

And the winner is...

Josefine Mae
To be honest, Brenna Josefine is still my favorite, but I have been out voted by Blossom & DaddyMac. We'll just keep my choice in reserve for now. I'm getting all my OB stuff transferred over doing so, I found out that I'll get another ultrasound, a 3D one at that. Woot! Can't beat that! You know I'll post the pic, unless it's super creepy looking, then maybe not. =) Things are going well. Everything is falling into place faster than we thought, we're taking this as a good sign. All we really have left to do is to move into our new place, register Blossom for school and get the dod decals for the car. Oh and I have to change our address just about everywhere. That'll be fun! Actually, I should prolly start on that now while I have the time. Be back soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Name Options...

So, we're in Hawaii and we're trying to get everything straightened out (i.e. getting housing taken care of, getting Blossom enrolled in school, getting our finances figured out so we know which housing to take). Things are going alright. It's beautiful here, but both DaddyMac and I are in the nervous about being in a new area and getting everything taken care of. I'm sure we'll start to adjust soon. Just wanted to give a little update before I go into the real nature of this post. We've decided to use Josefine for sure for Seedling...though we've yet to decide if it will be a first or middle name, and if a middle name...what the middle name will be. We only have on option with it as the first name. So, here are the choices:
Josefine Mae
Lena Josefine (Lena is DaddyMac's gma's name)
Brenna Josefine
Gia Josefine
Those are the options we're playing with right now. Let me know your opinions...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

24 down, 16 to go....

Here are the new pics. I did them a day early so my sissy could see.

24 weeks

20 weeks, for comparison
I guess there is quite a bit of difference. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Front Runner

So, we seem to have a front runner in the whole baby name thing. I can't promise anything but it looks like we're heading toward Josefine. It's a name that we ALL like.
DaddyMac likes the family meaning of it.
Blossom likes that we would prolly use Joey as her nickname, just like a baby kangaroo.
And I like it because it's my favorite character in the book Little Women.
Also, an added bonus... it means God shall add, which is just what he did for our family.
So, nothing is definite...but it looks like this might be it. We'll still use Mae for the middle name and we'd either call her Jo or Joey.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Movie Fun! (now edited)

So, I stole this idea from my little sister. I thought it would be a fun post to do. I did 8 instead of 7, thought it might be easier to figure out because it's on her list too. So here we go...
Okay, here's how it goes. First, I thought of seven of my favorite movies . Then, I went to IMDb and found the plot keywords for those movies. I'm going to list the keywords below, and you have to try to guess what the movies are. You can leave a message in the comments section with your guess.
As you guess the correct answers, I will post them in a different color.
#1: Audition / Ballet / Bulimia / Dance Studio / Homosexual
#2: Gymnastics / Bloopers during Credits / Championship / High School / Plagiarism
#3: Mafia / Murder / Chicago Illinois / Drag Queen
#4: Male Female Relationship / Enemy / Heroine / Comic Opera / Gilbert & Sullivan
#5: Christmas / Concert Scene / Dance / Choreography
#6: Beautiful Woman / 1960s / Sequel / Bomb Shelter / High School
#7: Monster / Dracula / Horror for Kids / Mummy / Vampire
#8: Contract / Military / Appliance Store / Drummer / Folk Song / Push Ups
Ok, let me know what you think they are...I'm sure they'll be pretty easy to guess. I like this game, even though I sucked at it with Boo's. In my defense I didn't see it until a few days after it was posted and I saw Dani's answers before I had formulated my own. Okay, enough is enough...bye!

Without a name...

Well, DaddyMac and I have been talking a lot over this last week. You all know that I wanted to use Brenna for the baby's name and DaddyMac said that he was fine with that. But last night when talking to his brother I heard him say this was going to be our last one...which I am totally fine with. But it got me thinking about how important it was to him that we use the name Joseph (it's his and his father's middle name and I think it was his paternal grandfather's too, not sure if it was his middle or first name though) had this baby been a boy. I asked him last night before bed if he wanted to use Josefine as a first or middle name if this was going to be our last child. He said he wasn't sure and that he'd think about it. There are lots of options we could do with using this name. We could use Josefine instead of Brenna and have her name be Josefine Mae. We could keep Brenna and have it be her middle name, Brenna Josefine (though I'm not sure about this, I feel like it's really long). We could use it as a middle name for a completely new first name, I like Lena with it...Lena Josefine, which happens to be his paternal grandmother's name. So the list could go on and on.
We have a lot to discuss and figure out. So, I cannot now say what Seedlings name is going to be. I have a feeling we will be discussing it up until we have her. I have enough of a wishy-washy decision making problem normally, add pregnancy hormones to that and it's a whole new ball game. I just hope we have it figured out before she gets here.
Stay tuned, Friday will be the 24 week belly pic. I'm sure you're all dying to see it, ha ha!


So, last Monday the family threw me a surprise baby shower. I kind of figured it out a little ahead of time but I did my best to act surprised. I got some great stuff and I really appreciated it. it was nice to hang out with the family, eat good food and open presents (I had three little hands that wanted to help with this). It was a fun time and I thought that I'd share some of the gifts we got.
We got the Rainforest Jumperoo, an electric baby food processor and the $$ to buy the Rainforest High Chair. We got lots of onesies, which I think this baby will just about live in it's first year. I think it's going to be so warm that it's really all we'll need. We got one newborn size, two 3month size and one 6month size. All are packs of 5. I think I need one more newborn, one more 6month, and a few 9 & 12 month packs and I'm golden.
We also got lots of bedding for Seedling. We got two great blankets, 4 or 5 crib sheets, the dust ruffle & bumper. I can't wait until it's time to set everything up in the new place. We also got a few things that aren't pictured. Some washcloths and towels...things of that nature. Everyone was so generous and we couldn't be more grateful. All this stuff is going to help out so much. Now, if I can just figure out how to get it all to Hawaii....

Friday, July 06, 2007

You asked for it...

So, I'm getting used to the new do. I'm still not totally in love with it but I don't hate it either. It'll be good in the Aloha State, while I'm getting used to different climate and it can grow as I acclimate. Hahaha!
I know it's kind of a cheesy picture, but what else do you expect from me?!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mirror Mirror...

So I went and got my hair cut. Blah!! I'm not sure if I don't like it or if I'm just not used to it yet. I mean, it doesn't look bad...just different. I think it's mostly that I feel even taller when my hair is short, I forgot that...I hate being tall! I'm hoping that as it grows out a little in the next few weeks it'll settle in a little more. Both DaddyMac and Blossom love I guess that's saying something. She actually just came up to me and said, "Do you know why I love you so much? Because I like your hair." Kids! =) I have a feeling that I'll be staying away from the mirror for a bit, well as much as possible. It was so weird taking a shower and not having my tons of hair to wash through. WEIRD!! So, as is my usual custom, I will prolly start to grow it out again. HAHAHAHA! My BF didn't want me to cut it at all so I made her a promise that if I did cut it that I would only get trims the whole time we're in Hawaii. So it should be nice and long by the time we're back to the mainland.
Side note: DaddyMac and I were eating lunch today...and we were talking about some stuff and being happy with life, stuff like that...very profound for chicken sandwiches and fries. He asked me if I was happy. After clarifying that he meant with our life together and family I told him that I was in fact happy...but that I'd be happier if he'd let me name the baby Brenna. He chuckled and said, "Sucks for you!" You have to know him, he said this jokingly with a huge smile on his face. It's quite possible that he is going to give in. Both Blossom and I prefer this name and he knows that I basically give (and have given) him everything he wants, so maybe this time he can. We shall see.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Double Dilemma

So, I'm having some conflicting things going on with me right now. Nothing life altering, just little things that I'd like to figure out.
First, I'm thinking of cutting my hair. I know they say you're not supposed to do things like that while you're pregnant...but it's not as if I've never had short hair. I don't hate my hair short, I don't hate it long. I've been thinking about it for a while. I have a tendency to grow my hair out then cut if off, then grow it out then cut it off. It's just on of my things. And this time I would have my bangs with it which I think would look cute. So I'm setting up an appointment. Regardless of whether I cut it or not, I need a trim at least. So I gotta figure this one out before my appointment comes up, I'll figure that out tomorrow.
My second dilemma is that I am having iffies about the name Evelyn again. It's not that I don't like the name...I do. I like the nick name too. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Brenna. I don't know why...maybe is because it sounds so Irish to me. I know that DaddyMac loves Evelyn, but I've never been as into it as he is. Do I just give it to him? I feel like things like this always go his way...but darnnit *stamping my foot* I want mine!! That was me throwing a tiny baby fit. Please excuse. I haven't really brought it up to him yet. Not sure if I should. I don't know what to do...I just thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone can tell me anything that would help.
On another note, our vacation is going very well. We're calling about getting our plane tickets changed tomorrow so we can fly out of a closer airport. Please say a prayer that it's doable and affordable. Blossom starts her day camp tomorrow and is so excited. It's all she can talk about. I remember the first year we took her she didn't want to go. She's growing up so fast. We did a little shopping and got some good deals on some summer stuff for her. We've loved hanging out with the family and will miss being able to see them on a semi-regular basis. I really hope that people can come visit us while we're there. Maybe it'll make living on an island so far away from family a little more bearable if I have visits to look forward to. We had a lil good news...DaddyMac will be around for Seedlings birth. Woot! he will be leaving for a month of training shortly after the expected due date, but shouldn't be heading out until early '08. This is such an answer to prayer. My MIL may come out when we have the baby which would be do helpful, especially with helping make sure Blossom doesn't feel left out. My SIL pointed out that maybe his leaving for training could get me induced a little early so that he'll be around for sure for a little bit before he leaves. I am all for reasons to have the baby a little early. I had Blossom 2 weeks early and I really can't picture going full I'm already having trouble breathing. I get out of breath so quick and I'm only 22 weeks, I can't imagine how it will be toward the end.
Alrighty, I'm starting to ramble and Seedling is apparently getting sick of me sitting up as she is kicking the crap out of my waistband.
"Ooohhh, she's gonna be a socca playa!" Movie, Name It!?