Friday, October 27, 2006

Costume Layout

So, I did the layout for WonderKid's Halloween costume. I wanted to make it kind of look like a comic book. I'm not sure if it does or not, but I like how it turned out. It's simple but different. I love the new pens I used that can write/color on picutres. They really helped emphasize the pieces of the costume. I think I should have used a darker blue, but I can live with the blue I chose. Let me know what you think....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Share time...

So there will probably be two posts today. I know, calm down everyone. I was going to do the second one yesterday but I had to recharge the battery in my camera so I couldn't upload the pics. I wanted to share some good things that happened. Well, to me they're great but I don't want to hype them up and you all think I'm crackers for thinking they're great. But to me they are.
First, last night I slept the whole night. 7 hours straight!! No hacking child waking me up, no potty breaks to interrupt my slumber. I was so surprised when I woke up, looked at the clock and say 5:35. I was blown away. I simply cannot recall the last time this happened. I'm not even exaggerating. Mr.Wonder was not home (ops week) and WonderKid stayed in her room all night. I feel so good today...a little lazy, but that's just mental not physical like usual. ;)
Second, the guilt is slowly sliding away. The guilt to which I'm referring is my guilt of the finicky eating habits of WK. All of you know the battles I've dealt with concerning her and food. WonderKid+New Foods= BATTLE!
I'm reading this great book called Momfidence!-An Oreo Never Killed Anybody and Other Secrets of Happier Parenting, it's by Paula Spencer. I read about said book on one of my favorite blogs Suburban Turmoil. I have to say thanks to Lindsay if she ever reads this. I LOVE THIS BOOK! This book is about relaxing and not worrying so much about how you're parenting. Not being guilt ridden if you're not measuring up to that unreachable goal of being the perfect parent. I just finished a chapter called You can lead a child to carrots, but you can't make them eat them. It seems Paula has the same problem with her oldest as I do with WK. And you know what? She doesn't feel guilty that her son wants only certain types of food all the time. She actually references a story about a 15 year old boy from England. Who is completely healthy and grew up on a diet of only jam sandwiches, milk, cereal, and chocolate cake. This may be stretched a little but I see where she's going anyway. I have been feeling endless guilt about this eating situation with WK. It's made me feel like and inadequate mother. But I've realized that I can keep trying with WK without the guilt. I can't make her try new foods. I can offer them. But I'm not going to lose sleep if she doesn't want it, if she wants her nuggets or her cereal or her certain kind of spaghetti sauce. I'm not going to let the opinions of other effect my opinion of myself as a mother. I have a sweet girl who loves me. And she seems to think I'm doing a pretty good job. So what everyone else thinks, doesn't really matter that much to me anymore. Yeah! One more hurdle has been cleared.
If you can you should really check out this book. It's great and humor filled. I'm going to get back to reading it right now.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Secret Identitiy

IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: Wonder Woman's identity has been revealed. It is none other than my own WonderKid! Amazing, I know. Who'd have thought that I would be part of such an important revelation. Heh heh! I really can't wait for Halloween!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Last two... are the last two for a bit. I have a bit of a reprieve until Halloween and the Ball have passed. Then it's on to the holidays. We've been lucky enough to have been invited to our friends place for Thanksgiving up in Quantico, Va. We're really excited to head up there. It's going to be a really fun time. In the 2 page layout the upper corner is really dark, just to let you know it says bowling. It's a very simple layout, there were just so many pics, I didn't want to over do it.
I"ll try and get back to posting about the normal mundane stuff now. Winky

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Scrappy Pages

I know I haven't been on here in a while. Just living life. WonderKid's getting a little under the weather. Hopefully it'll pass quickly. She has her school pictures tomorrow, she's so excited. I'll post those as soon as I get them. I can't believe how quickly the time passes once they start school. It really is weird! So, I did a couple of pages today and I thought I'd share. The Christmas one I did a while ago, just never got around to posting it. I like getting in these mini scrapping moods. I've done 4 layouts and a total of 5 pages. I might do one or two more layouts tonight, but I won't post them till tomorrow, if I end up doing them. Oh, and yes....I'm rambling. The Evening Primrose Oil is working great so far. I have only a little witchiness so far this cycle and NO nausea. I am so so so happy about that. Okay, enough are the layouts. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Not too sure...

Okay, I'm not so sure about this page. It started out really good, but then I didn't know what to do for the I did it myself. And the little doodles under it...It's not terrible (at least I don't think it is, but what do I know?) but I don't think it's a favorite. Eh, on to the next...
ps..Pup, I have a feeling this is going to be one of those ones we were talking about, where I look at it a little while form now and go, "What was I thinking?"

Oh...and the title says There's nothing quite like a Mother's love

Thursday, October 05, 2006

On a roll...

I know I know, but here's another one. Now that I've started, I just can't stop. You'll have to just bear with me until I catch up on my stuff. I don't have that much stuff left to do...for now. So there will be a break. This one turned out pretty cute.


Pouting becomes her, no?
WonderKid in all her glory!

Favorite Page

So I did this page last night and this morning. It is one of my all time favorite pages. I actually took the picture of her sleeping last night specifically so I could do this page. WonderKid listens to a Christmas CD everynight for bed. It has a bunch of songs from all the classic clamation/puppet type Christmas movies. There is one song on there that I absolutely LOVE. It's called There's Always Tomorrow. I think it's from the one where Jack Frost falls in love. I always try and stay to listen to that song because I love it so much. I'll post the words below and you'll see why it's perfect for this type of picture. So those are the words down the side of the page. LOVE IT!

There's always tomorrow
For dreams to come true
Believe in your dreams
Come what may...

There's always tomorrow
There's so much to do
And so little time in a day

We all pretend
The rainbow has an end
And you'll be there again

There's always tomorrow
For dreams to come true
Tomorrow is not far away

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Post Pup Pages

So, I've done a few pages since my sister, Pup, left. I'm afraid I get all my inspiration from her. I don't hate the pages I've done...but I'm not as in love with them as some others I've done. You be the judge...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Double Layouts

Here are the double paged layouts. There are quite a few, bear with me. I was a busy girl this week!

Single Layouts

Many of you know it's been a lllooonnnnggg time since I've scrapbooked. Almost a year (with a random page here or there) when my sister came for a visit, we basically scrapped the whole time with breaks to go to scrapbooking sotres! Ha Ha! We threw in a park and mall visit every once in a while. I had a wonderful time hanging out with her. It was like bringing a little piece of back home to my new home of the moment. So I wanted to share some of the layouts I've done over the past week. I'll do the single page layouts on this post and the double pages on another. I'm really pleased with how most of them turned out, the ones I'm not as crazy about...I left out. ;) Here we go....

I really love how in the last one, WonderKid is the only one in color...hope you like them.