Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mas Projects...

So I had mentioned that I had done a few other projects around the house. I've decided I'll share them on here, even though some of you have seen them via cell phone pictures.
First we have the TastySuite decals I mention in the previous post. Here is the Hello. Here is the Goodbye.
Here are the trees I put up in the playroom and the girls room. I got them from Wall Candy Arts. Actually I got them from Land of Nod but the wall candy site has way more to look at.

I painted this today. The distressed look happened completely by accident. I painted one color, than another over it and didn't like it. Tried to take the whole thing off and ended up with this and decided to go with it. I need to go over the smaller lettering again, make it a little more uniform. It's not great but it turned out okay. I may get the vinyl decal that inspired it next time.
You all remember my big picture of Eric I got last year while he was deployed. You may not have know that it was printed on a contact paper like sheet. I cut out Eric and put him on a piece of cardboard. Made him a bit sturdier. Doodled around him. I figured we needed to get him out again as Eric will be here and gone alot over the next few months before he goes for good. As you can see Jo already likes it.

These are some saying I put over our closets upstairs. I love that we have his and hers I had to do ours.

Some picture I took today while unpacking some of the girls figurines. Here's Jo trying to climb out of the crib. Luckily she only does this once I'm in there.
Playing Peekaboo
Mirror Mirror on my crib...
This is a picture I found last night while switching out picture frames. If I didn't know this was Rye, I wouldn't have known it was her....I'm not sure if that makes sense...but it does to me. I forgot how wavy her hair used to be. Straight as a pin now...


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My first project

Okay, there are a few things that need to be done in the house (i.e., hanging stuff on the walls, buying curtains for the living room, getting a new computer desk) and I've just completed my first project. I actually painted a wall and everything. In all the years we've been married I've never painted. I figured, now is as good a time as any. And it gave me something to work on while Eric was gone. So I painted our hallway wall a blue. Since I am using it for a family picture wall I decided to paint a tree on there. You know family are a few pictures of how it turned out.

Actually, I guess it's my second project. I ordered these really cute Hello. and Goodbye. decals from Etsy and I put them on my front door. I love them. I'll have to take some pics and post them. If anyone cares....hehe. I am big into these wall decals. I put up this really cute tree in the playroom in the garage and one in the girls room. I'll take more pictures soon. For those who remember the 29 Palms house, it's pretty much the same type of layout. I really like the new house. I'm not sure why but I feel more at home here than I did the other place.
Anyway, I am off to bed. Love to you all.

Pictures de Jojo...

Just a bunch of pictures I took of Jojo today. I loved the outfit I had her in.
Blowing Kisses Trying to cover the lens cap
Letting my kiss her cheek

Pucker up

Eating a wipe
Helping me prep the wall for pictures
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis...
Hanging out up in her room. She likes to crawl up the stairs when I'm otherwise occupied (our gate got broken and I haven't been able to get a new one yet) and then I have to sit up in her room while she runs around and opens dresser drawers.
How cute is she?!

Starting to get irritated at me and the camera...
I'm all done Mommy...
These are some pictures from the other night. She and Ryelie have some fun chasing each other around most nights. They're pretty funny together. I love her face in the first one.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Das Family

I know the wedding was ages ago, but Michelle was nice enough to email me a copy of the picture. I can't wait to print it out and put it up.

It's Tea Time!

Rye's buddy Maile's birthday party was today. She had a real tea party at a tea I don't know what. Anyway. Buck & Layla picked Rye up this morning. The girls got the hair, makeup and nails done. They got to pick out fancy clothes and shoes and have a little tea party. Rye had so much fun. She had to tell me every little detail when she got home. I don't have pics from the actual party but I'll get them from Layla soon. Here are a few pics of her hair and makeup when she got home.
The first two are close ups to show her makeup and the eyebrow glitter.

Rye's fancy up do
The back

Just so you know what kind of girl I'm dealing with now. Yesterday she was playing with Hannah Montana (the imaginary one, of course). And Hannah told her to do what she does best. I asked her what that way and she said, "to be stylish..." Of course, how could I have not known that? You know, with all the crazy, stylish outfits Rye usually picks out. Hehe.

Vids of the Kids

This is a song that Rye wrote one night in her room before Christmas. She made it all up herself. Parts rhyme and everything. Hard to tell when she sings it, easier when you read it.
Here are the words...
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.
If you like christmas is would be a sight to see
When you wake up on the 24th, you see presents under your tree
It is a good site to see
It could be a Merry Christmas after all...

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A little video of Jo 'talking'. It's not as good as I'd hoped but it's not bad. I was trying to get her to shoosh for me, she usually puts her finger to her mouth and everything. When that wasn't working I tried to get her saying a few of her other things.

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Man, two posts in one blog updates. Don't expect this kind of thing regularly. ;)

You should feel special..

...instead of watching the two episodes of NCIS I've missed, I will post some pictures from the last month. None of the house. I want to get pictures up on the wall before I do that post. So here are some pictures from December and on...I know there are lots of Jo, but she just changes so much, so quickly & she's so darn expressive. She's such a big girl! First some of the girls and Eric.
I know this picture is really grainy. It was super dark and I had to do some major stuff to it to even see the girls. But I love the way it looks. I love how much Rye loves her sister, even if she goes a little over board sometimes. And I love how lovey Jo can be with Rye. I love seeing her roll up to Rye and turn and sit in her lap.

A random photo of me
Rye showing off her snowflake earrings from Grandma, she loves them.Rye and her Kit doll. She finally got her American Girl doll and already has a list of clothing, accessories and other dolls she wants to get.Nana and Papa got her some Scooby Doo movies for Christmas, which she watches ALL THE TIME, no exaggeration Here's the start of the Joey pics. The girls is a riot!
Just a cute outfit with Pebbles hairdo.

Her face in this picture CRACKS ME UP! This totally sums up her personality. She is like this all day long. This was taken with her little jungle she got for Christmas.
Her in her new kicks and playing with her shape sorter she got from Nana & Papa. She carries it around like a purse.
Sitting in her comfy chair from Grandma and Grandpa. She loves climbing on this thing.
Not sure what was up in this picture.
Kisses for Daddy. These two love to hang out.
Chillin' with Pops
Drinking out of Dad's water bottle. She loved drinking out of his and Rye's so much that we got her a mini one for Christmas.

Just a sweet picture of my sweet, sweet girl.