Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For Layla Joyce

Layla, I don't know if you remember giving Joey this doll for her birthday last year but THANK YOU! This little thing is one of Jo's best friends. She cares for her like her own baby and loves to share her nap time with either her or her favorite bear, Bayo. This little doll has been dubbed Penny and she is loved very dearly. Thank you again.

I just though I'd share this last picture because Jo took it. She loves carrying around my camera and snapping pictures. I had to help her actually get someone in the pictures but I have lots of pictures of legs carpets and the TV. Haha.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jo's World

Jo's world is a simple world. One of laughter and pretend. Sometimes I just look at her in her crazy glasses or in the midst of being a mommy and I just smile. And I realize how much I miss being a kid. Finding fun in the simplest things. Entertaining yourself for endless amounts of time...with nothing but imagination. Here are some pictures of her enjoying herself over the last few days.
Here she is feeding her baby...
Jo loves her sunglasses.  Here she is wearing them with a WAY cute dress my Mom made for her.  Thanks Mom!
Just being cute!
Chilling with Rye's Hannah Bear and her shades, watching Yo Gabba Gabba most likely.

Today Joey took a nap in Rye's big girl bed.  When we were in WA she would nap on the air mattress.  She did really well in the bed.  Didn't fall out or anything.  I had to take pictures of her, of course.  Not sure if we'll move her to one yet.  We'll just stick with nap time for now.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jo's Birthday/Halloween

Sooo, change of plans for Halloween. I have decided against the witch costume. Jo doesn't like it. It's scratchy and it's too warm here for a tee layered underneath. I found the costume below online and I think I can recreate it for my little chica. It won't be exactly the same, but I'm hoping it will come out okay.  She is WAY into Yo Gabba Gabba right now. We probably watch that and Blue's Clues 20 times a day. Always before bedtimes. I got the leggings and a shirt I think will work. I need to paint on the stripes. I also need to find a belt. I have the hat and glasses figured out. They actually sell a set online as a toy. I know she won't get what I'm dressing her up as, but I think when she sees the pictures she'll love it.
We are definitely doing a YGG theme for her birthday. My friend Maciana makes cakes and she's going to recreate the one before for the party. Only DJ Lance's head with be cake. We won't have that many people here. One of Jo's gifts will be a figurine set of the YGG characters, those will be used around the bottom of the cake. I can't wait. We'll hold the party the day after Eric gets home. Timing wise I think that's best. He can just laze on the couch while I take care of everything. I'm excited to plan it and see it come to fruition. I'll keep you all posted.

Rye and I are still talking over what she wants to be. There is this leopard print dress type thing with boa feathers all over it. I'll post a picture below.

I'm not feeling it. We're going to have to discuss it...A LOT!


Okaaaay! Here are some recent pictures. I have not been great with the camera. Apologies! Away we go...
My latest tattoo, what?!
The girls talking with Daddy
Can you see him on there?  Hehe.
Jo when her costume started itching her.  Must fix that.
Most likely she'll be this witch, unless I can pull of this other costume that would be killer.
Jo likes to get up here and point out her Daddy.  Sweet, no?
The girls hanging out Saturday morning.  Jo watching Rye play the DS.  She likes to yell at Rye's dogs on the NintenDogs.  Rye being goofy.
Jo having to do what Rye does.  
I have about 10 pictures of Jo with her "eyes closed."  She's really just watching the TV.
Jo rocking the ponytail!  Love it!

That's about it for now. Not much new going on here. Just counting down the days until Eric comes home. There still seems like there's way too many. We're getting there though. ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More updates

We have a date for Eric's arrival.  We're very excited.  I'm deciding what to do about Jo's birthday.  Maybe post pone it until that weekend.  I'm thinking a Yo Gabba Gabba theme.  (I don't mean to bite off you JenJen)
He has also decided to put in for orders to Bridgeport, CA.  Apparently they need instructors.  So we'll be up in the mountains with our friends Buck & Layla  (sorry to follow you everywhere guys).  We'll be there waiting on word about the package he'll be putting in when he gets home.  We'll be out inthe middle of no where, from what I hear...but on a good not.  We'd only be 9 hours driving from my little sister and only 14 or so from home.  Yay!  He's put in for around an August 2010 date.  So we'll see when his orders come back.  It's not final yet, but I'll let you know when it is.
I have some pictures to share.  I'll have to do that in a few minutes.  Have to get some stuff started for dinner.  Then I'll come back and do that.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Not much going on here.  Just wanted to let you all know.  I'm having a pampered chef party next weekend.  I haven't done one in I don't know how long.  I'm excited for it.  I'm not sure how many people will show up but I'm excited to try the recipe we're having.  Hehe.  You know me, I'm all about the food.
The girls are well.  Rye has school pictures on Friday.  She's very excited and so am I.  She has the best smile.  I'll post pictures of her outfit that day when we get there.  Jo and I went to our first MoPS meeting today.  It was really nice.  I think it's going to be a fun year.  We had a little excitement at the end when one of the toddler's pulled the fire alarm.  Good times!
The big news here is that I'm relatively sure we have a set time for Eric's arrival.  Hopefully he'll be coming home on Joey's birthday or the next day.  Either day would be fine with me.  We have a return & reunion brief on the 15th and should be given the exact days then.  I will add a countdown when I get the day.  I'm hoping we get lucky like we did the last time he came home and not have the dates and time changed a bunch of time, like I know they often do.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Man, getting the girls to take a picture can be tough. With the Singer Squint, getting Jo to look at the camera and getting a smile from her that doesn't look like she's saying Cheese it's a battle. I wanted to take a pic of the girls in their new outfits though. They both look so cute today.

They're crazy cute, right?!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I know I haven't been on here much.  My camera battery is dead and I have been lazy about charging it.  I will get to it.  Friday is school picture day for Rye.  I'm going to Target tomorrow to get her at least a new shirt for it.  I'll take some pics that day before school.  She's very excited.  I told her I'd put a little of my copper eye shadow on her for the day (it's barely noticeable, but it makes her eye's pop).  It's still a little hard for me to grasp that she's in third grade.  My little Ryelie.
Jo is doing well.  She starting to string words together.  "Please up," "please milk," and she actually said, "I sorry Rye" after she kicked Rye in the head tonight (I'm not really sure if it was on purpose or accident).  She's getting a bit of an attitude.  It's been really tough keeping my patience with her.  But we're working on it together.
Not sure if you noticed above but I totally tanked on my Mt. Dew feat.  Starting over!  Boo!  I had a bad day today.  I popped my shoulder out really bad this morning (I actually heard the bones grind together) and was feeling nauseous all day.  Every time I felt a pinch, I'd feel like ralphing.  Sorry to say it, but the Dew helped that a bit.  18 days down the drain, but it's quite a bit longer than I've gone in a long time.  I'll go even longer this time.  I'm determined.
To all who don't know, Eric will be coming home early.  I know a window of time but not the exact date.  Once I do and Eric okay's it, I'll put a countdown up for him.  He might make it home for Joey's birthday, if we're lucky, or shortly thereafter.  That gives you a bit of a hint toward the timeline.  We're so excited that he's coming home early.  He'll be putting in his MECEP (officer's) package as soon as he's able.  So keep us in your prayers on that front.  It's something he's really wanting to do and I know he'd make a great officer.