Monday, July 31, 2006

Your Linguistic Profile:
70% General American English
15% Yankee
10% Upper Midwestern
0% Dixie
0% Midwestern
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Good times...

So, my Mom left yesterday after spending a week with us. It was nice having her here. It's been a really long time since I've had any time 'alone' with her. We went to the beach, the pool, out to eat and I took her up to the Jamestown Settlement. I guess that's where my Dad proposed to her, so how could I NOT take her. It was kind of cool, we'll probably take Mr.Wonder's parents up there at some point too. She taught me how to knit, at least he beginnings of it. We'll see if I keep practicing on it. WonderKid loved having her here. I was a little worried. She's great with Mr.Wonder's parents because she sees them more, I was very worried about it. But she was great. She was very excited about having her here and missed her when she was gone. They had some fun playing, probably wore my Mom out. =)
Overall, it was a great visit and I'm really glad that she came. Now I just have to wait through the month that Mr.Wonder is gone till Heather comes to visit me. Hurry up Heather!!!

sidenote: Mr.Wonder will not be joining the fast company. They're sending someone else. He seems fine with it, so I am too. I'm glad I won't have to say good bye for 6 months. He'll be trying to get the chance to go to Platoon Sgt's course though. He really wants to get some type of experience before going back to the fleet. Just thought I'd keep you posted.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Prayer Request

Mr.Wonder and I have been talking about him joining a fast company this last year we're here so he can get some experience being a Platoon Sgt before going back to the fleet. There's a group going through their school right now, stationed out of Norfolk, who need a Platoon Sgt for their upcoming deployment in November. His Captain asked if anyone wanted to do it and Eric volunteered, his Capt. said, "Yeah, right." Meaning they don't want to let him go. Please say a prayer that this could happen for him. Yeah, it'll suck not having him around for the 6 months, but it'll give him the experience he needs and it'll be better for his career in the long run. HIs company isn't thinking about what's best for his career, only what'll make this next year easiest on them (why else wouldn't they let him lat move to intel or leave here this summer?). I know his Captain likes working with him, but say a prayer he'll start thinking what's best for Mr.Wonder, not him. Thanks guys.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here I go again...

Well, a friend of mine has just had a little baby boy. WonderKid and I saw him today, he's a week old. It's been a long time since I've seen a baby that small. And I must tell you, I fell in love...and so did WonderKid. She now wants a baby brother, even asked Mr.Wonder for one on the phone. I must admit I'm starting to be swayed to her way of thinking. I think the only reason she was saying she didn't want one, is she thought that if we had another one, we wouldn't want her anymore. When you'd ask her if she wanted a brother or sister she'd say, "No, Mom and Dad only want me." Now I'm back to the "do I want on or don't I?" thing. I'm getting really irritated with myself. I have no idea what Mr.Wonder said to her on the phone when she asked, I guess we'll have to talk about it when he gets home...before my foray into the world of the Chippendales...more on that tomorrow.

Animal de WonderKid

WonderKid is really progressing in her drawing. So I thought I would share her latest drawing. I was very impressed by it. In the upper left corner is a Giraffe with one blue leg. In the upper right corner is a lion. The bottom center we have a red kangaroo. To the right of the roo, a green and blue purse. And below the lion there is a crocodile. The yellow thing in the middle is apparently an evil rock.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Big 5!!

I can't believe my little girl is 5 years old. She's getting so big. I measured her today, she's 42 inches tall, that's 4 more than last year. She weighs around 37 pounds...she's come a long way from her 5 pound days. It seems like it was just yesterday that I gave birth, but at the same time, I can't even remember her as a baby. It's funny how the mind works.
Well Mr.Wonder and WonderKid had a joint birthday BBQ/party. It was a really good tim
e. I love that she is so grateful. This picture of her after she opened her Bratz baby, she was like that with every present she opened. She may get a lot of stuff, but she appreciates it. I love having their birthday's so close together. I remember that after I gave birth to her I apologized to Mr.Wonder. He was confused. My drugs were just kicking in and I was upset that I didn't give her to him for his birthday. I said, "I'm sorry for not having her on your birthday." I still think that is so funny.
This year has been a good one for WonderKid. She's matured alot. School helped her t
remendously and hopefully it'll keep helping her. She's a little woman walking around now. Some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth....I wish I'd think to write it down. I love my little girl and that's what she'll always be, no matter how old she gets.

Happy Birthday Honey!

I know this is late and the next post will be too. But we've been gone, and I can't not mention the birthday of the 2 most important people in my life. God has blessed me so much with Mr.Wonder. So I've decided (just now) to make a 10 things I love about Mr.Wonder list, in honor of his 29th birthday. Here we go:
1. I love his sense of humor!
2. I love his eyes, they kill me...
3. I love that he can mke me smile, even when I'm mad.
4. I love how his voice lowers a few notches when he's talking to his dudes.
5. I love that he talks to me about stuff, that he doesn't just tell me how it's going to be. I love that he sees us as a team, always.

6. I love the way he looks in uniform, yummy.
7. I love how sensitive he is to WonderKid's and my 'girly moods'. He doesn't make us feel bad about it.
8. I love that I can always cry on his shoulder.
9. I love that he's always thinking of what's best for the 3 of us, as a family.
10. I'd be remiss if I didn't put this in here, HIS BODY! There's something to be said about being married to a Marine. ;)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lake Erie

Another thing we always do when we visit (weather permitting) is taking in a day at the beach. I still find it a little wierd that this beach is for a lake and not the ocean. But it seriously looks like an ocean beach. We took WonderKid down there twice with Greg and Michelle and had such a good time. (note to Michelle: I'm going to email those pics of you and Emmalyn to you today). Mr.Wonder and I later went two days in a row and just layed out while WonderKid was at her day camp. That was equally as nice. There were lots of the hoochie patrol there, as I like to call them. Girls that are too young to be wearing what they were wearing. Lots of old, super tanned man that obviously hit the beach when ever they can, some even bring their boom box and a sandwich for lunch. But my favorite was the 70 year old man in a wig, a red flowered speedo, white socks and sneakers. I think one of my favorite things to do when I go places is people watch. There are so many varieties out there. And at Lake Erie it is no different. I like to make up stories about them in my head. Wonder about what they've gone through, where they've been. And to answer the question that is zipping through your heads right now, "Yes, I am a little weird myself."

Friday, July 14, 2006

Trip Pics!

These next few posts will be some pictures that we took up in Erie on our visit. There may be a few of them. Bear with me!
This first batch is at Pymatuning Fish Resivoir. I'm sure I misspelled that some place. This place is cool and gross all at the same time. There are literally thousands of fish trying to get at the food that you're throwing over the side. I think they're carp and they're usually mud brown...but as you can see from that one picture there was one that looked like a goldfish. This picture just doesn't do it justice though. The noise is the grossest thing of all, all this slopping and thwacking. Not the best description, but what can I say, I have no talent for words. I'll post some more pictures in a bit. Right now I am off to watch the Pirates 2. Woo Hoo! If you ever get a chance to go to one of these places that have these nasty fishes, I'd highly recommend it. Though it's gross it really is kind of cool, in a weird way.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Semi-Star Like Sighting

So, I have this way of seeing half-stars, I guess you'd call them. I once saw Tom Skeritt (wrong spelling probably) and I only knew who he was since my sister had a crush on some dude from Picket Fences, which Tom happened to be on. Oh, and he was on Space Camp...great movie. But he was a 'star' way back when. Thanks Mary for making me go say hi to him with you, how embarrassing. Today was cool though. On the was back from Marineland (Canada's Sea World) we stopped at McDonalds for a bite and saw one of the guys from Ultimate Fighter 3! It was so cool. I was walking up to the line and my jaw just dropped, then Mr.Wonder was like, "Hey" and shook the guys hand. Seemed like he was in a hurry. Anyway, for those that watch, it was Matt the deaf kid. I mean, no one else seemed to know who he was, maybe I'm and uber geek for liking UF3...but to me, it made my day, Mr.Wonder's too. I know they're just people too, but it's weird all the same. Just thought I"d share my geekiness.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Teen Queen a 5 year old body! That's what I've got on my hands. So, she's technically still 4 for another 10 days know what I mean. The things that come out of her mouth. I told her not to do something and she walked out of the kitchen and Greg (Mr.Wonder's brother, my spy) told me she was muttering under her breath, "well, fine...i don't need the attitude." She made sure I couldn't hear her. Then today she changed into her red Wonder Woman tshirt and her red leggings and was walking down stairs to show Mr.Wonder and said to herself, "You got it goin' on girl!" She so funny but she's growing up too fast for my liking.
I can't wait to post some new pics of her. I'll have like 5 posts of pictures, maybe I should spread them out through my return week. Hope that everyone has a safe and Happy 4th!