Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday poor Joey bit through her bottom lip. Nothing major, thankfully. But enough that I started crying as I was mopping up the blood from her mouth. I have never heard one of my children scream like that, I don't even think Rye did when she busted out that front tooth...but I may have been in too much of a daze to realize it if she was, and I hope to never hear it again. Thought I'd show a few pics that show her battle scar...I'm not sure how easy it'll be to see, you might have to click on the pic and see it bigger. She's been such a trooper, like it never even happened, kids are so resilient.

And you know I have to post any pictures of the look. She gives the look to everything and everyone. Mirrors, computers, strangers, couches, us. It is so funny. I can't stand it.

Bonding over PSP

Peek a Boo

Cell phones are so handy when you want to grab a picture with out having to get up and grab the camera. Especially the subject of said pictures would move out of their adorable position while you grab your camera. Here's Jo playing a little hide and seek behind the ottomon. I'm so glad we got the ottomon, she loves using to walk and play. Great for babies.

Hand prints

Such a HANDsome family I have. Hahaha. I am so hilarious. I bought this canvas hand print kit from Red Envelope. I really love how they turned out. I am a huge fan of bright colors so these were perfect for me. They also had them available in white canvases with primary colored paints.
Sometimes I wonder if we need to add one more canvas, if you know what I mean. My confusion on the subject has already begun. Man oh took me 4 years after I had Rye and only 6 months with Joey. There are so many things to consider and weigh. Hopefully one day I'll have all this crap figured out. I hate being a grown up.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My beautiful baby girl...

Her sunburned cheeks :( Waving HELLO
Make this bigger and look at her gorgeous eye balls....
Love her long shaggy hair

Hurricane Josefine

She's just too cute with these videos. She can leave her toy basket totally unattended, but the videos are her first destination to destroy.

A Night @ Our House...

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The Beach @ Bellows

Our friends invited us to the beach on Sunday. Out at the Air Force Station, Bellows. We had such a good time. Rye loved playing in the waves. I could definitely see us spending some more weekends there. They have some great cottages for rent right on the beach too. We migh thave to take advantage of that sometime. Here are some pictures from the day.
Layla & Violet watching the men put up the canopy.

Rye and Maile, ready for the water

Lathering up with the sunblock. Never can be too careful with the Hawaii sun.

Veev's standing and taking in the scenery

Jo doing the same

The play tent and the huge hole the Dad's dug for the girls. The hole was gone by the time we left. The ocean washed it away.
Us girlies playing in the waves.

Eric & Rye after she got knocked under a wave, twice. A few minutes of cuddling with Dad ans she was ready for more.

A little crabby digging a hole out in front of us.
Tired baby. She only ended up having one nap that day.

Both my babies got a little sunburn on their faces. I feel horrible. I got some pics of them today with their pink little cheeks. *sniff sniff* I have added them below. Why is it that something that's so bad for their skin looks so cute on them?

Shave Ice

So, after the we hit the beach we stopped for some shave ice. Now, I've had shave ice on the mainland but it just does not compare to the deliciousness we had yesterday.
They put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the bottom, then the ice and then you choose three flavors. They had some great flavors...they actually had the flavor Snawzberry. Haha. All I hear is the line from SuperTroopers, "The snawzberries taste like snawzberries." I, of course, had to try. It was delish. You then have th option of a snow cap, which I am told is sweetened condensed milk.
This is definitely one of the best things I have every eaten. So so good. We all enjoyed it, as you can see from the pics.

Jojo enjoying the yumminess...

The four of us after a day full of fun and good times.