Thursday, December 27, 2007

Miss Josefine

Talking with Daddy!

Took some pics in a new outfit Jo got from Santa.

Here she is making one of her funny noises.

The best of the bunch...BIG SMILE!!!

Christmas Pictures

Rye and her Groovy Girl, Reese
Jumping with joy at her gift from Nana & Papa...THANK YOU!
Eric hating me taking his picture
Our best gifts didn't need unwrapping
How come I only take retarded pictures?
The girls in their new Christmas PJs
The tree right after Santa came
The gorgeous stockings my Mom made.

Rye waiting for an hour and a half to open presents until Eric came home from work. This is a girl who couldn't give a crap if Santa came. Sleeping just like her Daddy does.

Tough Times...Yeah Right!

It's funny what we choose to dwell on sometimes, isn't it? I mean, I have a terrific husband that I love more than anything and he loves me just as much. We have a great relationship. I have a 6 year old that, though she may be a little dramatic and emotional, can make me smile in an instant and brings joy to heart. A daughter that is constantly telling me that I'm her best favorite Mommy, even after a day of me having a bad attitude. I have a sweet baby that has a smile like sunshine that warms my soul. A baby that at 8 weeks is pretty much sleeping through the night. A family, on both sides, that I love and actually enjoy. Not a lot of people can say that. I love my parents and sisters as fiercely, if not more, as I did last year. Friends that I miss dearly, which only goes to show how much they mean to me.
And when I have all these blessings...what can I not stop thinking about????
How sad am I? Hehehe! I have been caffeine sober for a week now. I smell Eric's coffee in the morning, I see the bottled frappuccinos in the store, I think of the French Vanilla Cappuccinos from the machine at the store (Emily knows what I'm talking about) and I almost want to weep. I want caffeine....SO BAD!!! I cannot have the blessed liquid as it wreaks havoc on my little baby. I finally have a REAL reason to stop drinking it. YEAH!! I'd choose my baby girl of caffeine anyday...but it doesn't make it easier. I should prolly just focus on the good things, yeah?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Drs. Appt.

Jo had her 8 week well baby check up today. Everything looks great. She is 12 pounds 14 ounces, she's gained 5 pounds since birth. What a big girl! She's 22.5 inches long, 4 inches longer that @ birth. Her head is 14.25 cm. I have no idea what that means. The corpsman did say something about her head being big. Then he said that was good for the baby's brain. Said babies with smaller heads tend to have more learning disabilities. Which could totally be a load of crap...maybe he just felt bad that he said my girl had a big noggin. ;) Hehehe! She did really well, had her first round of shots. She didn't cry much at all, Rye cried way more but that's cuz Rye's my little drama queen.
Stay tuned...I'll be posting some Christmas pictures shortly.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A few to peruse...

Just some random pics of the girls. I'll of course be posting some more after Christmas. Rye is so excited. Everyday she asks how many left until Christmas. I hope she can wait until after 7am, since that's when Eric gets home from duty. I have a really cute idea for a pic of the two of them, I hope it turns out. you go.
A common sight for anyone who has seen Rye's baby book. Eric is a favorite sleeping place for the girls.Our girls, we're so blessed. One brown eyed, one blue. I'm sure it won't last forever but I'll always have a picture of it.Caught in the in the middle of a coo.Deer in the head lights kinda look, cute huh?!Rye had to get in on the picture. Such a camera ham.Yummy hands, one of Joey's favorite snacks.

Just a little shorter...

Rye got another hair cut today. It looks cute, though I think I prefer it a little longer. Good to know. Here's a picture.

Naked Baby

Jo @ 7 weeks. She's just had a growth spurt so I'll take another one of these in the next few days to see the difference, if there is any.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby Talk

I tell ya...I have been trying to get video of Joey Rae talking for a while now. But every time I bring out the camera all she does is stare at it in that deer in the headlights kinda way. I tried again this morning and all she did was stare...then after a nap she was in such a good mood. I knew if I could keep her from looking at the camera we'd be in business. I set the camera up on the arm of the sofa and then had her on my leg and...SUCCESS!! We had a nice little conversation. So here are the two small videos I got of her and I chatting, my voice is of course louder than hers, so you may want turn it up a bit and ignore me and focus on her. How could you not focus on her though, she's absolutely adorable.

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Enjoy them as much as I will!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tree Skirt

This is for my Mom and sisters mainly. My wonderful friend, Robin, quilted me this beautiful tree skirt. I absolutely love it. She's made a quilt for each of the girls as well. She is so talented. I'm happy that every year I pull this out to put around our tree I will think of her and her family.
I am now just anxiously awaiting the package with the stockings Mom made me and the advent calendar that Heather made me. I should get them today. I'll post those as well, once I get them I am so blessed to have friends and family that make me beautiful things. ;)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Video Girls

So, here are two videos we took today. The first is of Rye on her new bike. She's learning quickly. Part of me feels bad that she's learning to ride her bike at 6 years old. It really sucked living in an apartment for 3 years. Hopefully never again.

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The next two are of Jo. I posted both cuz you can see her smile better in the second video, about a minute in. But I love her facial expressions in the first and it shows how she's finding her hands.

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Miss Joey Rae

Just thought I'd post some random pics of Miss Josefine. She is getting so big. She is cooing not and smiling more often. I can't wait until these both become more frequent and she starts laughing.
4 weeks old

6 weeks old

Just random things in the day to day. The stuff that makes like worth while.


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