Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday My Baby...

I can't believe that a year has passed. The tiny little baby that I held in my arms in the hospital is a walking, babbling sweet little girl. She walks, forwards and backwards. She can stand up on her own. She can say Mom, Dad, Bye, Go, Good Girl, Please and Thank You. She may not say them all the time or when you ask her too, but she can still say them. She is getting very funny and she knows it. She is a mini Eric and a mini Ryelie, all in one. She's started giving me the big doe eyes and then blinking slowly at Rye does. She's helped me become a better person and a better mother. From her I've learned patience, to relax and how to laugh at...everything. She helped make those 7 months without Eric bearable. Because even though the days without him were stacking up, each day I was seeing a change in her, watching for things to share with him, even though he was so far away. She got me through it, her and Rye.
I learned today that my sister is being induced and by tomorrow I'll have another niece. I can't believe how fast the year has flown. I feel truly blessed to have made it through this year with a healthy, extremely happy toddler. She's a toddler now! So...Happy 1st Birthday Josefine!


Just a few pics I took of the young ones today. Trying to get a good one for this years Christmas cards. Which do you like best?

School Picture

Just wanted to share Rye's school picture. Man, I didn't realize how much BANG my girl has.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This last month has held many firsts for Joey Rae. She became an official walker. As we speak, she's getting her first molar. She got her first haircut, she learned how to climb into and sit in a chair and she got her first shoes. I can't believe that in 3 short days my little baby girl is going to be a year old. It makes me so excited for what's to come...but so sad at how fast it all goes by.

We gave Josefine her first haircut this weekend. It was really just a bang trim. They were just always in her face and she wouldn't keep clips in for long. She looks so much older with them short.
Before After
Joey will now let us put shoes on her. She got her first pair this weekend. She's getting so big.

Her favorite pose
Her first pair of Chucks!

Pymatuning & Zoo Boo

We had to go see the nasty Pymatuning fish while we were home. No trip is complete without it. I won't show pictures of them again but I'll share some others form the day.
Megs & Benny
Me & my girlies

Rye, Megs & Uncle Benny

Such a babe!
Chiney Chin Chins....hehe

Emily got us tickets for the Zoo Boo at the Erie Zoo. Even though it was super freezing we still had a lot of fun.
This would have been a good picture if Rye didn't have that "I just got high behind the gym" look

Face Painted
Heather, I don't know why but Rye totally reminds me of Colton in this picture. I love it!
My handsome rugged fella & my my sweet baby girl
Argh, Matey! Saavy?
On the carousel, Jo got scared so Eric had to hold her
This was a talking pumpkin that told jokes. Me & Shari