Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Single Layouts

Many of you know it's been a lllooonnnnggg time since I've scrapbooked. Almost a year (with a random page here or there)...so when my sister came for a visit, we basically scrapped the whole time with breaks to go to scrapbooking sotres! Ha Ha! We threw in a park and mall visit every once in a while. I had a wonderful time hanging out with her. It was like bringing a little piece of back home to my new home of the moment. So I wanted to share some of the layouts I've done over the past week. I'll do the single page layouts on this post and the double pages on another. I'm really pleased with how most of them turned out, the ones I'm not as crazy about...I left out. ;) Here we go....

I really love how in the last one, WonderKid is the only one in color...hope you like them.