Saturday, December 02, 2006


I think one of the best things about being in the military is the second family you make where ever you're living. I'm talking about our family of friends. Making friends can be tough. But no one can truly understand the tough life of being a military family more than another military family. Once you make those friends, it's easy to become very close to them. And it's great to have them to spend holidays with when you're not able to get home to your first family. This Thanksgiving we went up to Quanitco and spent the holiday with some great people. Mr.Wonder's friend from his first duty station (where we met) has been living up there for almost 6 months and we just recently learned about it. His wife found me on Myspace (it's not totally evil, as Mr.W seems to think.) They came down to see us on Columbus day and while they were here we decided to do Thanksgiving together. It was a ton of fun! The drive up there was tough, but the trip was well worth the traffic. Dinner was great and we had fun playing this dance off game. It was so funny. I'll now show you how dorky we can still be! WonderKid wanted to play this thing all night though she has no coordination on it (she's still a little too young for it). Mr.W and I could not stop laughing!
Tomorrow I'll post about our trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps! I don't want to over load you all with posts. All 2 of you that still check this thing! ;)


Liz said...

I still check it! :)

Erna/Erin said...

Me too!!