Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jealous much!

I am so jealous of my husband and my daughter. When these two hit the sack, they conk out fairly quickly and usually sleep the whole night through. I'm happy for them and all, but....IT SUCKS FOR ME! I've been staying away from caffeine and any kind of chocolate candy. I've been trying to limit my soda and juice intake and drinking more water. But I still don't sleep through the night. I do sleep but at around 3 am I wake up to pee and I don't sleep well or at all after that. It's constant tossing and turning. I am at my wits end! If I didn't have the behavioral side effects of the caffeine (anger anger anger) I would drink it, since I'm not sleeping anyway.
Maybe I should start going to the YMCA again. I think I slept when I was going there every day or every other day, I don't remember. It's been so nice out that I've been taking long walks (seriously long, like 3 or 4 miles) but I guess it's not getting my heart rate up enough to tire me out. Mr.W asked me if I'd exercised at all yesterday when I made a comment about not sleeping. So maybe this has something to it. I guess I'll go back to my old routine, walks on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. The Y on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Sundays off (it is a day of rest, after all.) So, today I shall walk and this evening we'll be going to the family fun and fitness night at WonderKid's school. That should be interesting.
I just want to sleep!

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Lostcheerio said...

Try reading James Michener. Works like a charm. The man can drone like nobody's business.