Sunday, April 06, 2008

Just Us

Just random photos since we've been home. Do I put too many pics on here? Hehe! I do love my camera. I'll note where needed.
Practicing sitting up
This girl loves her feetsies
You can kinda see the teeth here. The left is all the way out now and the right will be here soon.
Book are good to read...and eat!
She's starting rolling over while she sleeps. Everytime.
Here she is enjoying the Jumperoo! She's diggin it!
My first foray into rice cereal. We're working on it.
Rye loves to play with Jo and jo loves it too. She is always smiling at Ryels.
Just looking cute in her lil sun dress.
Our favorite sisters pose
Onto the Black and White section.
Just fiddled with some pics. Turned out cute.

Next two are of my stylin star. She looked so cute I had to take a couple. A model in the making...minus the eating disorders, of course.


Justin said...

We love the photos!!! I don't think you post too many!! Your girls are the cutest!!


Beth said...

So cute. I love Rye's outfit. Are those those tight things you were telling me about? Too cute.

You need to get a pic on here of Ryelie all toothless.

I should really post some new pics on my blog. Maybe I will work on that before FG tonight.