Saturday, June 07, 2008

Before & Afters

I have lots of before and after pics for you. Some of Rye's room and some of her teeth/mouth. We'll start with the room. Here is the jumbled mess before..

...and here are the afterNice, right?! Yeah, that's what I thought! It's not completely done but enough that it warranted a picture. We've worked hard on that room, more me than Rye and Mom helped me with some stuff too while they were here. Now, onto the teeth pictures. There are 4, one before (if you look closely above the missing tooth are you can see the bulge in her gum that is the extra baby tooth *ick*. Then there comes the pics right after she got it done. Pitiful! Then a pic I took today, it's a little fuzzy but you can make out the difference in the gum. It's kinda weird to feel it too. *double ick*

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