Tuesday, December 08, 2009

12.8 Trouble Maker

The terrible twos are in full effect in our household.  Jo is into EVERYTHING!  She is testing the limits constantly.  Tormenting her older sister and the dog.  Then she gets so upset when they get mad at her.  She seems to be a lot more intense than Rye was.  At least with some things.  She is definitely a button pusher.
It's so hard to remember to keep a straight face when she's doing something so funny but so wrong.  It's a work in progress.


Justin said...

OMG this pic is awesome!! Love it!!

Heather said...

very cute

Layla said...

Violet loves to hang in Mambo's kennel too. She goes and hides in there. I'm like "eww get out, it's stinky in there" and she just cracks up. Gotta love the 2 year olds!