Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girls Night In

The girls and I had a nice night together last night. Very relaxed, for the most part. We had dinner and the girls played pretty nicely together in the living room. Here are some cute pics from the night.
Rye's self portrait
Jo after her hair do
Rye put Jo's hair into a ponytail. Jo sat very still for her.
Cheesing for me!
Then Jo got to be the stylist. Rye was very nice, even when Jo banged her in the head with the hairbrush.
Poor Jasper, he was used as a doll last night. Rye put her Build-a-Bear's robe on him. He didn't seem to mind too much. It is very soft. :)
Rye made this at the end of the night. Last week she went to the mall with her friend and they had their pictures taken with some Chinese dragon's for the New Year. This is her dragon skin. I'll try and get the pictures form the girl's Mom to share.

Last night was good. I need to cling to night like that, so when night that aren't like that roll around, I don't get too crazy.


*Steph* said...

Your puppy is so cute! He looks like he has very soft fur.

Your girls are getting so big. I found a picture of Jesse and Ryelie from probably 2003. They were so little!

Heather said...

ahh what cute pics. rye is getting so big, Joe too. Looks like a fun night.