Thursday, September 02, 2010

Picture of the Day

I'm sure I won't post one everyday, but I definitely need to get back to taking more pictures. I don't think I've taken any other than on my phone for months. Here we have Jo, showing off her big girl undies and her new Olivia Tee. I hate Olivia, with a piggy vengeance. But my kid loves her. She saw this shirt today and asked for it. I had to get it for her.

Today we had a small triumph in the potty training. She actually pooped on the potty, just a little. For the last month she would only go pee. She down right refused to poop. She's say, 'Mommy, I go poop?" I'd exclaim, "Let's go in the potty!?" She'd calmly reply, "No. I just go poop in my diaper.' Let me tell you, it was frustrating to no end. True, she only got a few little pellets out today before it started hurting, she's a little constipated, so we've given her some raisins and apple juice so maybe we'll get a full one tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
As we speak, Jo is running through her gambit of excuses as to why she can't clean up the toys she threw all over the floor. Like her big sister, she can make a mess but hates to clean it up. Right now, over my shoulder I'm hearing, "my neck hurts, my leg hurts, why do i have to clean up...ow ow ow, owie" It's always something. Hah!
We're supposed to see some Hurricane Earl action tonight. I"ll take pics if I can, though we're supposed to get it pretty late tonight.


Beth said...

You don't like Olivia? I love her! No seriously, I really like her. Jo looks adorable in her undies. Hope she gets some good use out of them really soon!

Layla said...

Great to see a picture!! She looks so cute. Ahh I miss you guys. Your kitchen/dining area looks really nice. It was the same with Maile and the potty. She was totally pee trained but poop took awhile. She was too impatient or busy playing to sit on the potty and wait for a poop. She would wait till the last second then it was too late. It'll happen soon. Can't wait to see more pics.