Monday, September 12, 2011

Crafts, Crafts, Crafts

I've started a Sunburst Afghan for Evie's crib. These are the colors...I love how they look together.
The headbands that I've made. They're all for Evie, except #2...that's for Eric's co-worker
Some fingerless mitts that I made for Rye. Working on a 'matching' hat.
A cocoon I made for Evie. It's super soft. I'm working on her halloween costume, which is a hooded cocoon that will hopefully look like a candy corn.
This is the most 'involved' onesie I made for her. It says 'super evie' arcoss the tushy. Love it!
That's it for now. I'll share my progress on the afghan. I am so excited about it. It's the most crocheting I've done in a long while. I'm also planning ones for Rye & Joey.


Layla said...

So cute!!

kandevi said...

very usefull

Miz StinkBug said...

I absolutely love your little girl creations! I wish I had those skills when my kids were smaller.