Thursday, September 21, 2006

For the love of Pink...

Only those of you that have seen the TV episodes of the Bratz will fully appreciate that post title! I have a fifth love of my life...and the order is as such: God, Mr.Wonder, WonderKid, My pink dyson, my ipod nano. I love my new ipod! I used to have the shuffle, which was nice, you just never knew what song was coming. I love seeing what's playing, being able to have more than one playlist. And there are even more ammenities that I have yet to explore. We're able to use them in our car which is sooo nice. So many more songs at my finger tips. I even have a playlist for WonderKid, lucky we like alot of the same songs. Smiles I also LOVE the pink earbuds I ordered for them. This site has pink, blue and black earbuds.... if you're sick of the old white that comes with EVERY ipod. This is especially nice if one of those colors are your favorite, which you all know is true true in my case. Just wanted to share my joys. I'm waiting anxiously for my dress, I can't wait to get it so I can try it on. I've got an idea for jewelry, not too much since the dress has that cute pin on the waist. And Erina...I'll remember your advice when I visit the MAC counter. I would rah-tha not look like a clown for the ball, or worse a hooker. Ya know what I mean?!


Erna/Erin said...

Yeah, totally. I would make an appointment at one of the other counters though...Lancome, Origins, or Clinique. Just look at the person putting the make-up they look scary? Alright then.

I love that you love pink as much as I do. And I am very jealous about your Dyson!!


OneCraftySAHM said...

Hey, Jeanie here from HHWC! Just got me an ipod nano a few days ago! They totally rock! I saw that your learning to knit, they have a ton of podcasts for knitting! Have fun!

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