Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's my Yucky Day!

I guess Eric and his brothers used to say that when they'd get stopped by the train by their house growing up. Well, I've always thought of clovers as my lucky charm and they worked today. Joey wore her new Carter's Clover dress for today (got it at Macy's, if anyone finds this dress there in a 9 or 12 month size, please snap that up for me, I'll pay you back) and what should the video below to find out (it happens right at the beginning, the rest is just me trying to get her to smile, hehe)

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The only problem now, she seems to have forgotten how to roll from her belly to her back. So she gets all upset that she's stuck on her tummy. She's so funny. Cuz as soon as I roll her back over to her back she starts back to her belly. Just as indecisive as her Mom already. I have some pictures of her in the dress, but it won't let me uppload them now so I'll so that later.


Beth said...

Yay! She does it so slow and smooth. Zeke kind of flings himself over. I'm putting up a video of it now.

MAMA said...

Wohoo!! She did it!
btw beautiful baby, dress and blanket too!!:) LOVE the blanket:)

Jennifer said...

How cute! I can't wait to have children of my own!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you come back soon.

ScrapFairy said...

ah she's so cute.