Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Time flies, huh Hunny...I thought that in honor of your birthday I'd list 31 things that I love about you (kind of like the anniversary post). It won't be hard to do, there are millions of things I love about you and that list keeps getting longer everyday we're together. I am so so so proud of you Babe. You are such a wonderful husband and the greatest Father. We can't wait for you to come home to us, safe and sound. So here's the list:
I LOVE ....
1. That Rye has your eyes. Those thick full lashes of yours, the big round shape...I see you every time I look at her.
2. Your eyes. You call them Hazel, when they're really this amazing combo of vibrant green and brown. Looking at them always makes me melt.
3. how I can't stay mad at you once I look at you.
4. That you know this and use it to your advantage.
5. your smile. Seeing it always makes me smile and sigh.
6. how every movie is so much funnier when I watch it with you.
7. when you "hi-yah" around the house. You know what I'm talking about. I love how hard it makes me laugh, I can still bust out laughing at it now months later.
8. seeing you teach Rye guitar hero. you can be so patient with her.

9. seeing you melt when you dealt with Jo before you left. You were so sweet & cute with her.
10. how with both girls, you were always so concerned about them when they were small. "Is her head comfortable like that?" "Should her legs be up under her like that?"
11. that you cried when you left us. It was so nice to see how much you were going to miss us as much as we were going to miss you.
12. your manic cleaning when you're "in a mood." It can be frustrating at the time but it's really quite helpful. hehe.
13. how big & strong your hands are.
14. how great you look when you dress up to go out (read: HOT)
15. that you can put up with my moods
16. that you appreciate what we have
17. when you sit and read a book with Rye.
18. that you and Rye still do the "peanut butter jelly time" thing
19. that you never forget to say "I love you"
20. that when I burn your grilled cheese sandwiches you tell me you like them that way.
21. that you always compliment a well made meal.
22. when you wear shorts. You have some great looking legs.
23. how you take care of our family, and by doing your job well.
24. that you never complain about taking care of our family.

25. that you want me to be home to take care of our kids and you never make me feel like being a stay at home mom isn't a "real" job.
26. how at the end of a long weekend or leave period, you always say you would rather stay and spend more time with us.
27. the way you treat me and that you're showing our girls how they should expect to be treated.
28. how protective you are of our daughters and that you already have "plans" for the first boys that try and date them.
29. that life with you gets better each day
30. how when you're around, life seems complete
31. that we have the rest of our lives to make each other smile, sigh, cry, laugh and, best of all, love.
Here's a birthday wish from us to you Hunny....


Beth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!!!! We are thinking of you. Can't wait to see you in Washington with Kimi one of these days!

Heather said...

love that picture. Happy Bday Eric!