Monday, July 28, 2008

BAck HOme

So we made it back, safe and sound. The flight went well. We're getting settled. Rye starts school on Wednesday. We got our flat daddy. Which is a life size print of Eric. I stuck it up on the wall and Jo has been chatting with it. I have some sweet pics, but alas, the battery died in my camera before I could upload them. *sigh* And of course, it's in one of the boxes I left for my Mom to send. So when I get the charger I'll get those uploaded. I also have pictures of all the scrapbook pages I did while in Washington. I really love what I did and I wish I would have started scrapping up there sooner. I'm hoping I can work on some more in between all the cleaning and organizing I'll be doing over this next month. I hope all I have to do will help the time fly by, cuz I am TOO ready to see my man again. So ready, in fact, that I took this picture on my cell and I did it in only one try....

Looks kinda real, yeah? I miss that guy.
Man, I just re-read this and the beginning was very...I don't the point, I guess. Sorry about that. I'll post more when I can.

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Heather said...

I'm tellin ya when I saw this on the cell phone it kind of scared me, thought he came back early and you didn't tell us.
You scrap so i will get motivated to do it too.

Miss ya!!!