Friday, February 06, 2009


Poor Jo! We were at a friends house tonight and all of a sudden I heard Jo screaming from the back room. She had been walking across a pile of clothes and slipped and banged her face into a drawer. I freaked out, naturally, but tried to keep my composure. It didn't take long for her to bounce back, I on the other hand, still feel like crying. It didn't bleed too much, kind of sealed itself up and it didn't swell up as much as I thought it was going to. I am very thankful that it wasn't as bad as it could have been and that my friends were there to keep my calm.
The question I keep our appointment for family pictures on Saturday? Even with her 'semi-shiner'?


Beth said...

I say keep the appointment. It will be a good memory some day. And you guys are all so freakin' beautiful that no one will notice her owie. Well, they might notice, but it won't be a big deal.

Oh, and check this ( out. Some good pictures of home.

Heather said...

Ohhh poor thing. Nice shiner.

gloreeoreeo said...

aww thts sad! good thing it didnt hit her eye!

Cyndi said...

That must have been horrible! She's adorable even with a shiner, so keep the appt. They can always touch up if you choose, but if your pics aren't til next Saturday then it should be mostly gone, so you won't have to worry. Or were they today? If so, I hope you went through with them anyway.