Sunday, March 01, 2009


I've been wanting to get my nails done for a long time. I just always had a reason not to. My friend Malinda asked me earlier this week if I wanted to go with her. I went with my gut and said yes. Another friend of mine had gotten what they call Boogie Night nails. Instead of a clear powder they use a glitter powder. They have several different colors to choose from. I got a darker pink and I chose to get the glitter only on the tips. I know they're a little different and I don't know if they match me...but I am loving them so far. I am having to get used to them. I feel like I'm going to make them pop off. Hehe. But it's getting easier. They're fun and I don't know how long I'll keep them, but I'll enjoy them while I do. Here they are.

What do you think?


Heather said...


Beth said...

I used to love getting my nails done. I always felt so girly. But I had to have them make them super short, 'cause long nails drive me crazy.

I love the pink glitter! It rocks.

Danielle said...

i loved having mine on..but the nails were sharp when the came off. they make your fingers look skinnier...and who doesnt love to look skinnier!

Jinglbells said...

buh-huh-liiiiing!!!!! i think you should go to the roller rink with some shorty shorts on and ask them to play some funky seventies boogie song!!!

Anonymous said...

i love them they are so cute i love getting my nails done i have only done it once though