Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jo is 3!!

We aren't doing a party until next weekend but we decided, last minute, to do a small cake for Jo on her birthday. Rye was at a sleep over so Jo helped me frost her cake and she opened a couple of presents (we're saving the rest for the party). It was nice, quiet and small. She is becoming quite the little lady and she is cracking me up constantly.
Gotta try the icing to make sure it tastes good.

Frosting the cake.
Licking her thumb and frosting, that's mulit-tasking.
Her little cake.
Making a wish. She said, "I wish for a Phinney & Ferb cake."
With her Bloo pillow from Aunt Shari & Uncle Ben.
Playing with her compuric
She's THREE now!

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Layla said...

Happy Birthday Jo!!!