Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The ladies...

Thought I'd share a few picture of the girls from the last few months. They're all taken with my phone and then put on FB. I realized that there are a few that read this that don't do "the facebook" so I decided to share on here as well. I'm thinking I really need to charge my camera battery and start taking 'real pictures' again. So here we go:
Rye with popsicle face. She's obsessed with these sour ones from the ice cream man.
On her first day of the 4th grade. I miss my baby.
Jo showing off her new shirt and her UNDIES! We've gotten it to just a pull up at bedtime and to poop (sorry if that offends). She is not down with #2 on the potty yet but we're getting there. Nap times are pull up free so we are progressing.
These jean leggings she has totally rock!
She is getting so big and verbal. Not sure if the verbal-ness is good tho. Haha.
Rockin' pig tails.
Rye being Rye....well, the sweet quiet side of Rye. I love this side of Rye.

So those are my girlies, getting big...and making me happy, sad and crazy all at the same time.

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