Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Been very crafty lately. To start I'll share my tie dye sheets. I wanted really bright sheets in rainbow colors for Evie's crib but you can't find them any where. So I decided to make them myself. Here are the first 3 that I did. I've had one flub with the green one, I bought the wrong dye color. I"ll be doing a couple more shirts this week, I'm excited. I really like doing them.

I helped a friend paint letters and a trash can to compliment the new pirate bedding she got for his room. I drew out the designs on the letters and we both painted those and then I did the trash can all by myself. They're all close up scenes from the blanket. I thought they turned out really well.

Some knitting projects I've completed. I have many more in the stash and some others I haven't photographed yet.
A circular blanket, I have a matching hat but don't have a decent picture of it yet. I got the pattern out of a book my MIL got me as a birthday gift. There are so many things I want to make in there.
A cloud & rainbow hat I made for Evie. I had made a bigger one and gave it to my neighbor for her new granddaughter as well. I don't think I put a pom on hers. This was the first pom I made and I liked the way it came out.
A hat I made for my niece Grace. I hope she gets to use it in San Diego.

So that's all the crafty for now. I am starting a new project, I'm going to puff paint some onesies for Evie. If they turn out alright I might do a shirt or two for the big girls, if they want them. I'll share pics later. And I have lots of knitting projects in the works and I'll try and take photos as I complete them.

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Layla said...

Incredible stuff Kimi!