Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3D Pic

Had an ultrasound recently. My next one will be at the end of September. Everything looks good and they're aren't anticipating any problems with our new addition. We have decided on the name Evelynn Frances. We will call her Evie (pronounced ee-vee). The girls and I already call her Evie and Eric actually called her by name the other day. We were able to get a 3D pic of Evie at my last u/s. I have been trying to work up the courage over the last 3 ultrasounds to ask for one, since the machine is capable. The lady was very nice about it. I'm glad I waited so long...she was definitely more baby looking than alien. Haha. The u/s tech said she has a very healthy heart and she looks great. We almost didn't get the 3D because she was cuddling her umbilical cord in front of her face. But she decided to move it for us for just a second for the picture, before moving it right back in front of her. I'm hoping we'll get as lucky at the next ultrasound. So without further ado, here she is, Evelynn Frances
I'm adding this regular u/s picture because I found out something very interesting at the previous appointment to this one. Sometimes in the eye sockets you see a circular object, it's the lens of the baby's eyeball. I'd never noticed the circle before the doc pointed it out and he had just learned about it the day before. I now look for it at every u/s.


Erin (nickname: Erna) said...

YAY! Welcome, Evie!

Layla said...

Adores!! Love her name, can't wait to meet her.