Sunday, April 15, 2012


As frustrating as this age is with Joesefine...she can be so great too. Mixed in with her attitdue, craziness and tantrums is the silliness, goofiness and hilarity that is Joey. She loves having her picture taken. She loves her sisters (even when she's pushing Rye's buttons). We have her signed up for preschool next year. Hoping it won't strap us too much financially but it will be worth it. I think she really needs to have that structure and interaction this coming year before heading into kindergarten. And the break for me, plus time alone with Evie, is an added bonus.

Sporting her Steeler pride
Showing off her new shades
Being a goof in my glasses. She wanted a picture before she gave them back.
Luvs to rock the ponytail
She loves sitting with Evie and hates that she can't hold her while standing up
We are working on doing her hair more. She is a little resistant to it but we're getting there
She totally loves her bangs
She demanded a pic with the doggie at Old Navy
I think we're going to invest in a zoo pass this year. It's our last year in VA and it will be something nice we can do on overcast days this summer. We really should have gotten one a long time ago. And with how much the big kids love animals it will be a good investment.

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