Thursday, May 17, 2007

16 weeks & counting...

12 weeks
16 weeks
Thought I'd share the belly pics. Most of you know I had a doctor's appointment on Tues. I go back in 3 weeks. My u/s is scheduled for the 11th of June (I tired to get it one the same day as my appointment but they didn't have anything open that day. Bummer). I am so excited though. I am taking WonderKid with me, she can't wait. She keeps asking if it's time yet.
She's doing tons of sweet stuff. Everyday she gets off the bus she gives me a hug then lays her head on my belly. We were snuggling before bed the other night and she laid there and started patting my belly as she was falling asleep. Is it any wonder I love her so much?!
It may have taken us a good while to decide for another. but I think the wait was the right choice for us. It just seems so perfect.
So, I have nothing to do today. Nothing at all. I could do a little cleaning, but I think I'm going to go over to Target and Babies R Us and just look around at baby stuff. I like doing that. We've got our crib, changing table (we'll use it w/ baskets for a dresser) and stroller/car seat picked out. Planning on getting those before we leave so we don't have to worry about shipping. I'll post some pics once we get them. Other than that I'm trying not to get anything until after we move. I am making a mental list of what boy and girl things I like though. How could I not?


ScrapFairy said...

Ahhh yopu have a baby belly. Yea! I wish I could be with you. Miss you guys.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

Pregnancy is always such an amazing and fun time!

Heather said...

:) I am so sorry I have been missing all this!! Love the are soo skinny! ((hug))-Heather