Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Baby Stuff

So we bought three things for the baby over Memorial Day weekend. We wanted to get them before we move so we don't have to worry about shipping...not to mention that they probably don't even ship to Hawaii. We think that they'll all work for either a boy or a girl and we really like them. So I will now share pictures of them.



(we'll be using this instead of a dresser to save room since we'll probably end up in a 2 bedroom. we'll get baskets or totes to put on the shelves. we probably won't ever use it as a changing table, we never used a specific area for wonderkid either.)

STROLLERSo, there they are. We also have three things out of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Collection. The cradle swing, the bouncy seat and the playard. I got these because the Navy Exhange was having a great sale on them and I totally love the collection. There will definitely be some more of them when we make a registry.


Beth said...

You suck.

ScrapFairy said...

They are all so cute Kim. Is that what you are doing the babies room in too? Or something else?

Layla said...

CUTE!!! I'm going to check out the baby store here. I'll report any good findings!

Layla said...

Baby Emporium was OK, it's more like a boutique, full of all the fancy stuff. I found a USA BABY also the standard walmart and kmart. I'm looking for a swing.