Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

So, Rye surprised me after school Friday with these two lovely creations for Mother's Day. Apparently she takes after Eric and me...and can't wait to give a present until the actual day. She filled the flower base with one of my favorite candies, Skittles. I will not post what her little note says on the card of her with her arms out for a hug (it will spell everything as she has):
love Ryelie and Jo
Dear Mommy Happy Mother's Day
I love you becaus:
you are cool!
When you cry I make you happy.
you giv's me your love!
I give you my love.
She is a qeen (that's queen)
Love Ryelie
She is the sweetest thing. All of her list was made with bullet point, each bullet was started with a little flower. I really am so lucky to be a Mom to that girl.


ScrapFairy said...

all of those pics of Joe are so cute. I love the fuzzies.
What a sweet little girl rye is. tell her projects are very pretty and you are such a lucky mom.

Heather said...

I loved all the pics!!! Adorable...seems strange now that you ever had posts about whether or not to have another huh?? Amazing :) (((hug)))

Beth said...

I didn't realize you had green fingernails. Or that you had LOVE tattooed on your arm.

I love her little list. Even if she did call you a geek. :D

Beth said...

oh, dd u eat ur skttls yt?

sry, hd to typ a cmnt in txt evntly, ya knw?