Monday, May 05, 2008

Kooky Kids

Joey is already showing a crazy personality just like Rye. I used to find Rye in the the craziest sleeping positions and Jo is no different, hers aren't that crazy yet but we'll see...
She also loves playing on the floor. She'll stretch out one legs and pull it in and shift herself around. It's how she moves around right now. If you look from on leg pic to the next, like I was doing on the camera, it almost looks like she's dancing, hehe. She also like to do the splits....
She's also starting on solids on a more regular basis. We're working on pears right now. I actually made it home made, I am very proud of myself. I wanted to do this with Rye too but just never did. I'm really making an effort this time. She's doing great with the pears but when I try to give her cereal or squash (which is next on our list) she spits the second it hits her lips. It's super funny.
And lastly, Rye loves holding her little sister. With Jo moving around more it's getting funnier to watch. I'm having to keep a better eye on them now but it's worth it to see their interaction. I can't wait till they can do it even more.
This concludes the little glimpse into our lives of late. Nothing too exciting.


Beth said...

Man. That's one flexible girl you have. I love the leg pics. I was looking back and forth real fast. Heehee.

I have to watch Sierra with Zeke too. Especially with him being so heavy. It's so fun to see them play together though.

Cute pics. Can't wait to see more!

ScrapFairy said...

very cute. love all the pics of them. That girl like to move.