Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surgery Update

So the surgery is over. Rye did remarkable well. She was very frightened before hand but she took it like a champ. I on the other hand....almost started crying when I went into the waiting room. When I went in afterward (only 20 minutes later) my poor baby looked so out of it. She couldn't even talk. I was sitting beside her talking to her telling her how good she did when I started feeling light headed. I could feel the tell tale signs of a black out coming so I put my head between my knees. I ended up laying in the chair with Rye. I know I upset her, she kept saying, "I don't want my Mommy to die. I want to go home, Mommy." I felt so ashamed of myself. I couldn't even be strong for my little girl. Ugh! They ended up giving her a shot for nausea and she's been sleeping since. We've got lots of cold stuff on hand when she wakes up. I am so proud of her. I have a whole new respect for parents of ill children...just this little taste of seeing my baby feeling poorly and I was a basket case. God bless those strong people.


Justin said...

You are held it together for Ryelie just fine!! I think it is totally normal to feel a rush of emotion and energy after the surgery was done. rye came through ok and you were relieved. And going through this by yourself is amazing. When Caleb had his surgery Justin and I were so nervous and scared. You are amazing and brave!!! The worst is over and now you can move on to fun things like popsicles and fun nicknames for Ryelie. My parents called my sister Fang when she got her extra tooth removed. :-)


Beth said...

You're a wuss.

NO, I'M JUTH......