Sunday, August 03, 2008

Saved by the Cell Phone

There have been a few things I've wanted to take pictures of this last week and as I've posted before my camera battery is dead. Luckily I've been able to get a few things on my celly. Here are some of those moments.
Rye and I made a Can't Wait Countdown...which I think is fairly self explanatory, if not...we need to talk. I put about a month's worth of links on there, I figure when we get a set date for Eric's return I can add or take away how ever many I need to. We had fun doing this little craft and hopefully it'll make this last month go a little faster. Please Please Please!!!

This is her ripping off the first chain link the next day.
Today we went to a Banner Making Party for the Battalion. They provided paints, brushes and sheets for us to use to make banners to put up at our homes or in the hanger when the guys come home. It's not as nice as I'd have liked but I kind of hurried through it. There were a lot of other families waiting for space to paint their own sheets. When it gets closer to the homecoming I'll take it out in our carport and add a little pizazz to it. Hehe. Oh, and those are real outlines of the girls. They looks so funny close up. I was going to do something about hugs (hence Joey's pose) but then Rye wanted to lay in that pose, so I switched it to jumping on the fly, I am just that good. HA! Rye also helped me paint in her silhouette when she could pull herself away from that bouncy house in the background.Jo's legs and hands got some of our paint all over them from crawling around on the sheet while I was working my magic. It was a bit worse at first, that's why God invented baby wipes. It came off easily in the bath, thank goodness. Below is a close up.I couldn't get Jo's 8 month pic in her bouncy seat, as we were in Washington, but I got a fuzzy 9 month one on the cell. You can see how long her hair has gotten at least. We had her doctor's appointment on the 30th, she weighs 20 pounds 4 ounces and is 28.5 inches long. She's grown half an inch and gained 3 pounds. My baby girl is filling out! ;)
7 months 9 months
Here is the beautimas shopping cart cover that my Mom made me. We tried it out today and it was a BIG success. Thank you Mommy.
Well, that's all I have for now folks. Tune in next week for our special on knitting parachute pants for your beloved pooches. No I'm juth...I only know how to crochet those. ;)


Heather said...

he he your so funny. That sign is awesome KIm, you are so talented.
I love the link idea.
And your cell takes awesome pics so don't worry about not having your camera that is working fine.
MIss you!

Jinglbells said...

What a cute sign!!! I like the shadow idea,you rock!!! Speaking of cameras, pray I find my usb cable so I can upload all my pics on my camera!!!!!! urrrghhhghghh