Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I know I haven't been on here much.  My camera battery is dead and I have been lazy about charging it.  I will get to it.  Friday is school picture day for Rye.  I'm going to Target tomorrow to get her at least a new shirt for it.  I'll take some pics that day before school.  She's very excited.  I told her I'd put a little of my copper eye shadow on her for the day (it's barely noticeable, but it makes her eye's pop).  It's still a little hard for me to grasp that she's in third grade.  My little Ryelie.
Jo is doing well.  She starting to string words together.  "Please up," "please milk," and she actually said, "I sorry Rye" after she kicked Rye in the head tonight (I'm not really sure if it was on purpose or accident).  She's getting a bit of an attitude.  It's been really tough keeping my patience with her.  But we're working on it together.
Not sure if you noticed above but I totally tanked on my Mt. Dew feat.  Starting over!  Boo!  I had a bad day today.  I popped my shoulder out really bad this morning (I actually heard the bones grind together) and was feeling nauseous all day.  Every time I felt a pinch, I'd feel like ralphing.  Sorry to say it, but the Dew helped that a bit.  18 days down the drain, but it's quite a bit longer than I've gone in a long time.  I'll go even longer this time.  I'm determined.
To all who don't know, Eric will be coming home early.  I know a window of time but not the exact date.  Once I do and Eric okay's it, I'll put a countdown up for him.  He might make it home for Joey's birthday, if we're lucky, or shortly thereafter.  That gives you a bit of a hint toward the timeline.  We're so excited that he's coming home early.  He'll be putting in his MECEP (officer's) package as soon as he's able.  So keep us in your prayers on that front.  It's something he's really wanting to do and I know he'd make a great officer.


*Steph* said...

Don't get down about the dew!! ;) One isn't going to hurt anything...

I know how you feel about the Ryelie deal. Jesse has just grown up so fast, it's crazy. I look at Bailey and think it seems like yesterday that he was that little.

I'm glad Eric gets to come home early. I'll pray that he makes it home for Jo's birthday! :)

Justin said...

Keep us posted on the MECEP process--we'll be sending tons of positive thoughts your way. I hope it all works out the way you want!