Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More updates

We have a date for Eric's arrival.  We're very excited.  I'm deciding what to do about Jo's birthday.  Maybe post pone it until that weekend.  I'm thinking a Yo Gabba Gabba theme.  (I don't mean to bite off you JenJen)
He has also decided to put in for orders to Bridgeport, CA.  Apparently they need instructors.  So we'll be up in the mountains with our friends Buck & Layla  (sorry to follow you everywhere guys).  We'll be there waiting on word about the package he'll be putting in when he gets home.  We'll be out inthe middle of no where, from what I hear...but on a good not.  We'd only be 9 hours driving from my little sister and only 14 or so from home.  Yay!  He's put in for around an August 2010 date.  So we'll see when his orders come back.  It's not final yet, but I'll let you know when it is.
I have some pictures to share.  I'll have to do that in a few minutes.  Have to get some stuff started for dinner.  Then I'll come back and do that.


Hilary said...

I already wrote a comment but for some reason I can't find it but if it does appear I apologize for sending two...
I am so glad you got a date for when Eric will be back. It would have been awesome for him to be back on Jo's birthday but at least it's sooner than December! I sent off my last package to Marshall today- not that he really deserves it but I am trying to not be spiteful about the whole thing.. The time has for the most part gone by faster than I thought but I never thought the day would come when I would be sending off my last package. I will be so relieved when they are back in Hawaii safely.
That is exciting that you may be able to be that much closer to your family! I'm not going to lie I was hoping Bridgeport would be close to Sacramento and was a creep and looked it up- it's 3 hours away in case you were wondering :)

Kimi said...

Only 3 hours away? We'll definitely have to visit Hilary!

Layla said...

OMG! I'm so excited u guys might come here. Ur gonna love it! I never thought I would like it here but I do! That's why were buying a house here. BTW I would love it if we were stationed together the rest of our marines times in and retirement! Lotz just got orders here too! This is wonderful news, I'm so excited! Now I'll be counting down till Aug, Can't u guys come sooner:)