Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jo's World

Jo's world is a simple world. One of laughter and pretend. Sometimes I just look at her in her crazy glasses or in the midst of being a mommy and I just smile. And I realize how much I miss being a kid. Finding fun in the simplest things. Entertaining yourself for endless amounts of time...with nothing but imagination. Here are some pictures of her enjoying herself over the last few days.
Here she is feeding her baby...
Jo loves her sunglasses.  Here she is wearing them with a WAY cute dress my Mom made for her.  Thanks Mom!
Just being cute!
Chilling with Rye's Hannah Bear and her shades, watching Yo Gabba Gabba most likely.

Today Joey took a nap in Rye's big girl bed.  When we were in WA she would nap on the air mattress.  She did really well in the bed.  Didn't fall out or anything.  I had to take pictures of her, of course.  Not sure if we'll move her to one yet.  We'll just stick with nap time for now.


Michelle said...

These are cute pictures!! It's amazing how much our kids look alike (at least I think so)!!

Beth said...

I totally agree with Michelle. I think Joey looks like Emmalyn.

So when you put her in the big girl bed, do you stay with her until she falls asleep? Or do you leave her in there awake?

Layla said...

So cute..we miss her so much! Can't wait for her and veev to play together. We had to move her out of her crib awhile back. She climbed out! The first month was hell! in and out constatly..some nights she would be in bed with maile some nights I would find her sleeping in the hallway! Now she stays in her todddler bed all night.

Heather said...

man I missed this post. ahh joey looks so cute sleeping.