Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coming Home

We have been so blessed with Eric's homecomings. I've heard stories of them being delayed over and over again. His last one he came in right on time, no changes. This time, we were delayed 2 & half hours, then back tracked and hour and a half.
He is home, safe and sound and we could not be more happy.  Here are some pictures.
Putting up the sign last night
Looking for Eric.  when we pulled up the plane was already there and guys were coming off.  I'd have felt horrible if we weren't there when he got off.  Lucky us he was farther back on the plane.
Others homecoming banners 
guys deboarding
hugs and love.  jo was very shy
they're making the same face

this was jo the whole time we were there.  she started warming up in the car and now she's all spazzy around him, very cute.
can't get enough kisses
hanging out, rye chatting dad's ear off
together again


Layla said...

I'm so HAPPY!!! 4 u guys. U look so pretty, shining from within. And the girls look so happy! What a great reunion! enjoy your time and WELCOME HOME ERIC!!! now get ur a$$ to bridgeport:) I miss u all xoxo

Heather said...

Wow....that is just precious!!! You look awesome Kimi!! So happy for you all :)

Jinglbells said...

boy every time i see your guys homecomings i get tears in my eyeballs and a lump in my throat!!! hope you all are enjoying each other!!! i love you!! hey you think you could bling out my blog? i've seen your work--it rocks!! love ya, jen