Monday, October 19, 2009

The Deep Clean

It's that time.  It's getting closer to Eric's return and it's time for the house to get a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering.  I'm thinking of assigning zones to days and just going top to bottom.  When I'm done with the days zone, I can either start something else or consider myself done for the day and work on some other projects I have going.  Once I've done an area I'll try and keep it maintained and then give the house a good going over the day of or before he gets back.
I've decided to start with the down stairs...

Zone 1: Kitchen
Zone 2:  DS Bathroom , Entryway & Laundry Room
Zone 3: Office Areas
Zone 4: Playroom
Zone 5: Living Room

I may combine zones 2 and 3.  So, I'll start that tomorrow along with getting back into my exercise routine.  I'll update my progress on here, not that any of you really care about about my progress, it's more for me.


Justin said...

I love hearing about your progress. :-) And your girls. And your workouts. You rock!


Heather said...

That helps alot to go in Zones. Make a pile somewhere for the stuff you want to get rid of and then at the end you can see all the stuff that you decluttered. I do this every spring and fall. It has been nice to have just what we use, so much easier to keep clean that way.
Way to make a plan.

Layla said...

I'm getting sooo excited for you!! Just remember, don't get to caught up in the "expectations" remember how much he just wants to see his lovely ladies:)