Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gingerbread Madness...

Gingerbread houses were all the rage this holiday season in the Longo family. It all started with Rye & Meghan building houses. Then Eric made a tiny one out of graham crackers for Jo. He "helped" her decorate it, which really means he decorated it while she ate M&Ms (because she didn't want to get icing on her fingers). Then we got the brilliant idea that each couple in the family should decorate one on New Year's Eve. Some didn't take it as seriously, you know who you are (Randy & Greg). We had so much fun. Each house turned out so different from the others. It was a blast.
Here are the girls and their houses.
Jo eating while Eric decorates
notice her chocolatey teeth
most of us, hard at work
Eric & I worked until the last second
Hog Heaven
The Hermit House
The Dawg House
The "Rainbow" House
The Longo Inn
I think we'll do this again. For sure, I honestly can't wait.

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Heather said...

those all turned out so cute. I can't believe all the things you guys came up with to use for the houses. Have to remember them for next year.