Monday, January 25, 2010


Couple random girl shots from vacation and some of Jo since we've been home. I'll add some of the cute snow pics I have of them and a video when I get back from the bank. The girls fight, a lot. But they can be so sweet together sometimes, I guess those little times will have to tide me over till they get bigger and hopefully get along better.
Chillin', watching morning cartoons. Jo's usually nicer in the morning.
5 seconds after this Jo was pushing Rye off the rocking horse
At least Rye and I are looking...
My baby, she's getting so big


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Heather said...

Ah I missed this post, I need to find a way to show your posts on my sidebar (your blog is the only one that won't do it)

Anyway- those pics are so cute, and Joey just doesn't look like she could be mean.